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Zootechnics is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses the study of animal science, focusing on the breeding, nutrition, health, and management of domestic and farm animals.

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Books on Zootechnics in PDF

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

National Academy of Sciences

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals is a guidebook providing recommendations for the care and use of laboratory animals, offers guidelines for the proper management and welfare of animals used in laboratory settings.

Animal Breeding Methods - Course Notes

L. R. Schaeffer

Animal Breeding Methods, Course Notes by L. R. Schaeffer is an overview of animal breeding, including topics such as statistics, genetic relationships, breeding objectives, mating systems, and genetic evaluation models.

Animal husbandry, feeding and are of animals


Animal husbandry, feeding and care of animals by FAO is a PDF that provides information on animal husbandry, including feeding and care practices. It covers topics such as the importance of well-fed animals, digestion processes, selecting animal food, mineral supplements, water provision, pasture improvement, and animal housing.

Beef Cattle Production

Shane Gadberry, John Jennings, Heidi Ward

Beef Cattle Production is a comprehensive guide to beef cattle production systems, selection methods, nutrition, feeding, and forage management. It provides valuable insights for individuals interested in the field of zootecnia (animal husbandry) and offers practical information on raising and managing beef cattle.

Food Animal Production Manual

UC Davis Western Institute for Food Safety and Security

Food Animal Production Manual is a comprehensive manual covering various aspects of dairy cattle, veal production, beef cattle, swine, goat production, cattle diseases, treatments, residues, and biosecurity in livestock production.

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