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Have you seen movies or read books about sharks in PDF format? Beyond what fiction books and movies tell us, sharks are very interesting marine fish to study and, although some species are not man’s best friend, they are precious animals that we should take care of like any other.

In this brief introduction we will give you a taste of what you will find in this selection of books about sharks that we have made especially for you who are interested in researching this family of marine animals.

It is said that sharks have existed for 450 million years, so many authors claim that they could be the oldest animal species on the planet, even older than the dinosaurs. It is a cartilaginous fish of the chondrichthyes group. Some of its species can reach up to 10 meters in length.

They are characterized by being predators, with such a powerful sense of smell that they can smell blood from several kilometers away. They also have a great ability to camouflage themselves to their victims, since their dark color on the upper half of their body makes them blend in with the surface of the sea.

In addition, they have a large mouth with several rows of sharp teeth. On the sides of their body there are noticeable gill slits, through which they breathe underwater.

There are about 375 species, the whale shark being the largest. Bull sharks and tiger sharks have attacked humans in different circumstances. Contrary to popular belief, the great white shark featured in Steven Spielberg’s famous movie has never attacked a human.

We invite you to discover more about the fascinating world of these marine animals by taking a look at our collection of more than 15 shark books in PDF format, whose titles you can download to any of your electronic devices completely free of charge.

Sharks books

Identification Guide of the Main Shark and Ray Species of the Eastern Tropical Atlantic for the Purpose of the Fishery Observers and Biologists

Bernard SÉRET

Shark Dissection

Mayfield City Schools

Shark Dissection Instructions

Elder Grove

Diet of the Blue Shark Prionace Glauca in the Northeast Atlantic

Ana Mendonca

A Primer on Shark Reproduction for Aquarists

Jose I Castro

Using Knowledge of Shark Biology and Behavior to Inform Management and Conservation Efforts for the Globally Distributed and Fishery Exploited Shortfin Mako

Mark Rubinas

Shark Breeding Grounds and Seasons in the Gulf of California Fishery Management and Conservation Strategy

C A Salomon Aguilar, C J Villavicencio Garayzar, H Reyes Bonilla

Gulf of Mexicos Shared Ecosystem and Shark Fisheries (Presentation)

Robert E Hueter

Sharks books for Children

Stink and the Shark Sleepover

Megan Mc Donald,Peter H Reynolds

Draw a Megalodon Shark

City of Providence

Free Printable Shark




Basking Shark Coloring




Bruce The Shark




Shark Coloring




Here ends our selection of free Sharks books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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