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Pig farming is a discipline that encompasses the care and breeding of pigs, playing a crucial role in the food industry.

Our book collection provides a comprehensive overview of this topic, covering everything from basic principles to advanced production and management techniques. It also addresses related subjects such as nutrition, health, and marketing.

We invite you to explore our website and dive into the diverse range of books available on pig farming. You’ll find practical guides, specialized manuals, and scientific studies that will enhance your understanding of this captivating field.

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Books on Pig Farming in PDF

Pig Farming. Techinques and Technologies

Pragya Bhadauria, Satbir Singh

Pig Farming: Techniques and Technologies by Pragya Bhadauria and Satbir Singh is a comprehensive guide on pig farming practices, including techniques and technologies used in the industry.

Manual of good practices in pig farming

Luisa Antonella Volpelli

Manual of good practices in pig farming by Luisa Antonella Volpelli provides a practical guide for pig farming, covering topics such as sow management, piglet care, growth and fattening stages, livestock facilities, and common pathologies.

Piggery production manual

Africa Innovations Institute

The Piggery Production Manual provides a guide on how to rear pigs using Fermented Bed Technology or the Deep Litter System (DLS). It covers various aspects of pig husbandry, including starting a piggery enterprise, pig housing, feeding management, pig health, records keeping, and pork quality and marketing.

Swine Care Handbook

National Pork Board, Des Moines, IA USA

Swine Care Handbook is a comprehensive guide on animal husbandry practices and ethical responsibilities in the pork industry. It emphasizes the importance of balancing animal welfare, producer profitability, and societal demands. The handbook addresses various aspects of swine care, including observation, emergency care, identification, handling, transportation, and breeding herd management.

Guide to Small-scale pig farming

EH Kemm

Guide to Small-scale pig farming by EH Kemm is a comprehensive guide that covers various aspects of small-scale pig farming, including nutrition, diseases, management, breeding, housing, economic considerations, and more.

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