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Discover the fascinating world of fish farming with our impressive collection of free PDF books.

If you’re interested in learning about this exciting topic, you’ve come to the right place. Fish farming is a discipline that encompasses the cultivation and breeding of fish, and our books will immerse you in its vast range of knowledge and techniques.

Dive into the pages of our books and enjoy a detailed and accessible description of fish farming.

You will learn how to establish and maintain ponds or aquaculture systems, the different fish species and their characteristics, as well as the most efficient feeding and management methods.

Explore the latest industry trends and discover how fish farming contributes to food security and environmental conservation.

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Books on Fish Farming in PDF

Fish farming handbook


Fish Farming Handbook by SEAFDEC is a comprehensive reference for fish farmers, extension workers, and students. It covers various topics such as pond site selection, design and construction, pond management, harvesting and processing, pen and cage culture, and more.

Fish-Farm Business Plan Workbook

Susan Daily, Dan Selock

Fish-Farm Business Plan Workbook by Susan Daily and Dan Selock is a comprehensive guide for starting a fish farm business. It provides information on business description, marketing strategies, management and operations, financial planning, and includes relevant attachments.

Better freshwater fish-farming: further improvement


Better freshwater fish-farming: Further improvement by FAO is a PDF that provides guidance on improving freshwater fish-farming techniques. It covers topics such as building and expanding ponds, enhancing water supply, fertilization, fish growth, and harvesting.

Manual on Cage fish farming for beginners

Ruby Asmah, Emmanuel T.D. Mensah, Seth K. Agyakwah

Manual on Cage fish farming for beginners is a documentis that provides an introduction to fish farming, specifically focusing on cage fish farming. It covers the importance of fish farming, different types of fish farming methods, planning a fish farm, selecting fish species, permit requirements, and details about the cage system including its advantages, disadvantages, site selection, and construction.

Fish Farming


Fish Farming by iShamba is a brief guide on fish farming. It provides information on the importance of fish farming, different production systems, and the key factors for successful fish production. The document covers topics such as market demand, ecological requirements, site selection, water quality, soil considerations, and construction steps for ponds.

Introduction to fish culture in ponds

Auburn University

Introduction to fish culture in ponds by Auburn University is a brief manual providing practical guidelines for fish culture in ponds. It covers topics such as pond site selection, commonly cultured fish species, and pond management practices.

Types of fish farming

H.T. Lalremsanga

Types of fish farming by H.T. Lalremsanga provides an overview of different types of fish farming, including conventional and non-conventional methods such as sewage-fed fisheries, paddy-cum fisheries, and integrated fish farming.

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