5 Rabbit Farming Books for Free! [PDF]

Discover the fascinating world of rabbit farming with our extensive selection of free PDF books.

Rabbit farming, also known as raising rabbits, is a captivating activity that encompasses everything from breeding and handling these small animals to marketing and utilizing their products.

Immerse yourself in this exciting topic and take advantage of the opportunity to access valuable resources at no cost and with no complications.

Explore the secrets and techniques behind rabbit farming in our free PDF books. Learn about different rabbit breeds, their care, feeding, and reproduction.

Discover how to establish and manage an effective rabbit farm, maximizing production and ensuring the welfare of the animals.

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Books and Texts on Rabbit Farming in PDF

Rabbit Production

Steven D. Lukefahr, James I. McNitt, Peter R. Cheeke

Rabbit Production is a comprehensive guide on domesticated rabbit production. It covers various aspects such as breeding, management, feeding, and health, including topics like animal behavior, welfare, and sustainable methods of small-scale rabbit production.

The Rabbit. Husbandry, health and protection

F. Lebas, P. Coudert, H. de Rochambeau, R.G. Thébault

The Rabbit. Husbandry, health and production is a comprehensive guide on rabbit husbandry, health, and production. It provides valuable information and data on raising rabbits.

A complete handbook on Backyard and Commercial Rabbit production

Peace Corps

A Complete Handbook on Backyard and Commercial Rabbit Production by Peace Corps is a comprehensive guide on raising rabbits for both backyard and commercial purposes. It covers topics such as breed selection, rabbitry setup, feeding, herd management, rabbit manure utilization, and marketing.

Health and welfare of rabbits farmed in different production systems


Health and welfare of rabbits farmed in different production systems by EFSA is a scientific opinion that assesses the welfare of rabbits in various production systems, including organic farming. It highlights the welfare consequences and compares different housing systems for reproducing does, kits, and growing rabbits.

Rabbit Production Manual

Government of Nova Scotia

Rabbit Production Manual by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture is a guide for 4-H Leaders and beginning farmers. It provides information on selecting rabbits, care and management, nutrition, health, breeding, and business aspects of rabbit production.

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