25+ Dog Books for Free! [PDF]

With the idea of continuing to provide easily accessible sources of knowledge, we have made a selection of free books on Dogs in PDF format. These books in PDF format, will tell you about all the aspects that you should know about these beautiful animals.

Domesticated dogs, or pets, are carnivorous animals and mammals that are part of the «Canidae» family. This family has members with similar physical characteristics, they are digitigrade, have a strong constitution, well-developed canine teeth, powerful mouth and are resistant and fast. Currently only the foxes, wolves, jackals and coyotes of the subfamily Caninae survive.

Domestic dogs are a subspecies of the wolf. It is believed that these animals sought the proximity of man as a means of survival, and eventually became accustomed to the presence of humans, which allowed their domestication. In the beginning, dogs were used as hunting assistants or as guardians, later they were dedicated to herding and today they are highly appreciated as companion animals or as pets.

Due to the adaptation that these quadrupeds have undergone, their eating habits have changed considerably. In fact, they can be considered omnivorous animals, taking into account that the food prepared for dogs contains vegetables and cereals, in addition to portions of proteins.

In our selection of more than 25 Dogs books in PDF format, you can find complete and detailed information about these beautiful beings. In this list we include books in Spanish and Portuguese.

All our books on Dogs are in the public domain or have been released for free distribution.

Here we present our complete selection of Dog books:

1) The ABC of Living With Dogs

Best Friends Animal Society

2) Military Dog Training and Employment

Headquarters, Department of the Army

3) Training Rex in the City - Basic Obedience for Dogs

Nancy Clarke

4) Control of Vector-Borne Diseases in Dogs and Cats


5) Basic Manners for the Family Dog

Jess Rollins -Professional Dog Trainer-

6) Humane dog management

World Animal Protection

7) The Complete Dog Book

Dr.William A. Bruette

8) Communication in Dogs


9) The Five Commands Every Dog Should Know

American Kennel Club

10) Your Dog´s Nutritions Needs

The National Academies Press

11) How to Take Care of your Dog


12) Nursing Mothers and Their Puppies


13) A guide to dog and puppy care


14) Dog Breed Characteristics & Behavior (Article)

Marin Humane

15) Basic Dog Training (Article)

Dogs Trust

16) Digging Problems (Article)

Puppy Training Classes SIRIUS

17) Destructive Chewing (Article)

Dog Star Daily

18) The DOs and DON’Tsof Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy (Article)

Delaware Humane Association

19) General Dog Care (Article)


20) Excessive Barking (Article)

Puppy Training Classes SIRIUS

21) Dogs & Children (Article)

Dog Star Daily

22) Canine Vaccination Guidelines (Article)


23) Some Dog Breeds in the World (Article)


24) Multilingual Dog Commands (Article)

K9University OKC

25) Dental hygiene for you dog (Article)


26) Dog Care (Article)

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Here ends our selection of free Dog books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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