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In a world in constant population growth, food becomes one of the main concerns of societies and governments. In order to contribute to the research on the subject, we have created a collection of animal husbandry books in PDF format for our reading community.

The growing demand for food and the limited resources of the planet make animal husbandry an indispensable activity that can lead to a viable solution to this problem. It is very propitious, then, that you and more people are interested in our selection of animal husbandry books in PDF format.

Animal husbandry can be defined as an economic activity that involves the raising of animals to obtain, basically, food and other resources such as clothing. These animals are known as livestock and the person who buys them for such activity, livestock farmers.

Animal husbandry meant economic development and the settlement of nomadic communities, creating the conformation of societies that domesticated animals for food, clothing and transportation. It was a great advance for mankind that we still enjoy today through multiple benefits.

In the beginning, large animals were raised to help with the plowing of the land. Today animal husbandry has expanded the spectrum, little by little, with the passing of time the breeding, treatment and reproduction of other animals such as birds, bees and rabbits was carried out.

However, cattle, pig and sheep farming are considered to be the largest. Content from each is developed in this collection, which is intended to serve as a starter for your studies on the subject.

Take a look at our extensive collection of more than 20 books on animal husbandry in PDF format and discover the benefits of an essential economic activity today. Remember that these books are of free distribution, public domain and free access.

Cattle Books

Within animal husbandry there are subdivisions, among which are cattle, sheep and goat farming. Each of them represents a different type of animal, all of which are beneficial to humans.

Cattle are herbivorous animals such as cows, bulls and oxen (other types of cows). The activities that concern this type of animal husbandry are based on the production of food for human consumption, such as meat, milk, cheeses, creams, yogurts and butters. In addition to this, the skin of these animals is also used to manufacture a variety of articles, and their excrement is used as fertilizer.

For a better utilization, it is necessary for cattle breeders to consult books on cattle, so that they can learn a little more about this matter, in order to obtain a better quality in their functions.

Beff cattle management

Department of Agriculture

Sustainable best management practices for beef production

LSU AgCenter

Cattle management manual

Douglas Reynolds, James Waggoner, and Michael Smith

Beef Cattle. Nutrition Workbook

Oregon State University

Dairy Cattle Feeding and Nutrition management


World of Dairy Cattle Nutrition

Holstein Foundation

Sheep and Goat Farming Books

Animal husbandry is the science responsible for the study of animals that are beneficial for human consumption. Among them are cows, bulls, oxen, goats and sheep. The last two are our object of study, being very well explained in the books on sheep and goat farming.

Distinguishing each one of them, sheep farming is in charge of studying the development of sheep, their reproduction, and their use to our advantage, for example, from the lambs (young sheep) we obtain meat, and from the female sheep we obtain milk.

Goat farming focuses on billies (male goats) and nannies (female goats), which are also an aid for the development of humanity, providing meat, goat cheese, sweets and the delicious and nutritious goat milk that is often given to babies.

Sheep Production and Management

New Mexico State University

Sheep Production Manual

Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

Get started with sheep farming

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

Sheep Nutrition

Marcy Ward, Craig Gifford

Sheep Nutrition Fact Sheet

Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board

Goat Farming Technical Manual

Japan International Cooperation Agency

Goat Farming as a Business: a farmer’s manual to successful goat production and marketing


Facts & Figures About Canadian Goat Farming

Farm & Food Care Ontario

Sheep Farming (Aticle)

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Sustainable Animal Husbandry Books

Animal husbandry is a profitable activity in all senses, it is useful in the development of people, since it provides them with meat, milk, cream, cheese and butter for life. All these are foods that we usually consume from our early to our later years, unless we are vegetarians.

In this sense, it is necessary for livestock farmers to sustain an activity that lasts over time, maintaining a level of production that does not harm the environment or the ecosystem.

This activity is known as sustainable animal husbandry, which is why it is necessary that these livestock professionals can be trained in this regard, in order to perform their duties well and maintain the welfare of all those involved, where we humans are the most benefited.

Unilever Sustainable Livestock - Implementation Guide

Unilever plc

Sustainable livestock farming

European Commission

Ecological Livestock


Sustainable livestock production in Europe

Allan Buckwell, Giuseppe Luca Capodieci,Robert De Graef

Intensive and Extensive Animal Farming Books

Within the livestock activities, the exploitation of cattle is the most important activity, and the most demanded of all, encompassing the meats most consumed by human beings.

Based on this great demand, many entrepreneurs have ventured into this field, but in a different way from traditional or extensive animal farming, which allows the animals to live in an open land, where they graze, recreate, reproduce, etc. Now they do it intensively, what does this mean, it indicates a method of massive exploitation, where the livestock is under artificially created conditions, with the sole objective of increasing production.

Both methods are allowed, but with their notable differences, for that reason it is necessary to be documented with materials that explain in detail all that intensive and extensive animal farming entails.

Extensive farming and climate change: An in-depth approach

Joan Alibés, Javier García, Pedro M. Herrera

Extensive livestock production systems with emphasis on extensive livestock breeding (Presentation)

Dr. Josh Odhiambo

Towards sustainability in the extensive and intensive livestock sectors

M. Niamir-Fuller

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