15+ Epistemology Books for Free! [PDF]

Where does knowledge come from? How do I know that what I have interpreted is true? What is the use of arriving at the truth? Is it experience or reason that gives me knowledge? These are some of the questions that human beings ask themselves and that philosophy has been trying to answer since antiquity. The answers can be found in our collection of epistemology books in PDF format, available to anyone who wants to access it.

Epistemology would be immersed in a broader branch of philosophy, known as gnoseology. The latter deals with knowledge in general, unlike the former, which deals exclusively with scientific knowledge. We will now discuss the basic concepts of this discipline for which we have made this selection of epistemology books freely available to our entire community.

Thus, we can define epistemology as the branch of philosophy that studies the bases and methods of scientific knowledge. Its main objective is to know the process through which knowledge is constructed, the reasons why it is made and its veracity.

In its historical path, as is logical, epistemology gives its first signs of life in Greece, when Plato contrasts the concepts of belief and opinion to that of knowledge. But it was not until the Renaissance when figures such as Galilei, Kepler, Descartes, Newton, among others, began to formally analyze scientific phenomena and to inquire into their veracity.

Epistemology is usually applied in the sciences in different areas, to determine whether a scientific knowledge is attached to the truth or not. In this sense, there are two currents of this discipline, a rationalist one that proposes reason as the source of all knowledge; and the empiricist one that, on the other hand, affirms that knowledge is obtained from experience.

Discover the world of epistemology as a philosophical discipline thanks to the more than 15 books of epistemology in PDF format that you can access for free in this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Epistemology books:

1) Epistemic Logic and Epistemology

Wesley H Holliday

2) Epistemology and Philosophy of Science

Otavio Bueno

3) Is Epistemology Tainted

Jason Stanley

4) Notes on Epistemology

John J Toohey

5) Ontological Epistemological and Methodological Assumptions Qualitative Versus Quantitative

Abdelhamid Ahmed

6) The Proper Role of Know How in Epistemology

Charles Wallis

7) Psychology and the Goals of Epistemology

Katherine Helen Puddifoot

8) Epistemology Theory and Methodology in Knowledge Organization Toward a Classification Metatheory and Research Framework (Article)

Joseph T Tennis

9) Making Connections The Relationship Between Epistemology and Research Methods (Article)

Dawn Darlaston Jones

10) Epistemology (Presentation)

Eduardo Ferme

11) The Epistemology of Qualitative Research

Howard S Becker

12) A Very Brief Introduction to Epistemology Lecture 1 (Presentation)

Palash Sarkar

13) Holographic Epistemology Native Common Sense (Article)

Manulani Aluli Meyer

14) Virtue Epistemology (Article)

John Turri,Ernest Sosa

15) The Impact of Epistemology on Learning a Case Study From Introductory Physics

Laura Lising,Andrew Elby

16) Social Epistemology

Franz Dietrich,Kai Spiekermann

17) Bayesian Epistemology

Stephan Hartmann,Jan Sprenger

18) The Content and Epistemology of Phenomenal Belief

David J Chalmers

Here ends our selection of free Epistemology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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