15+ Philosophy Books for Children for Free! [PDF]

We always hear it said that children are the future of humanity, but to what extent do we help them develop important thinking skills to be critical of their reality? With our selection of philosophy books for children in PDF format, we want to contribute to this noble purpose.

Education in childhood is extremely important, because at that time the foundations of what will be a healthy and fulfilling adult life are sown. The mind and brain of a child are at a time of absorption and learning a large percentage of what they receive. Therefore, it is important to introduce them to reflection. You can do this with the help of our collection of philosophy books for children.

Philosophy for children usually requires texts that are adapted to the abilities and interests of the little ones. The idea is to make them easy to understand and find a way to introduce them to this discipline and way of approaching reality in an effective way. Although philosophy may seem complex and inaccessible, the truth is that anyone can get into it with the right guidance.

Teaching philosophy to children can help them engage in meaningful learning, develop reflection and ask important questions to become aware of their own inner processes. This is something that would help them a lot in the future, not only as a basis for learning about all subjects, but to know themselves and the world around them in a profound way.

Check out this amazing collection of more than 15 philosophy books for children in PDF format, with which you can learn how to approach this subject to transmit it in a timely manner to the youngest of the house.

Here we present our complete selection of Philosophy for Children books:

1) Toward a Critical Philosophy for Children

James Funston

2) Philosophy and Education

Central University Of Kashmir

3) Implication of Philosophy in Modern Education

Amazon Web Services

4) The Concept of Curiosity in the Practice of Philosophy for Children

Irem Gunhan Altiparmak

5) Philosophical Insight Into Primary Education

Evang H M Molagun

6) Improving Pre-schoolers Reasoning Skills Using the Philosophy for Children Programme

Egle Sare,Piret Luik,Tiia Tulviste

7) Commentary on Matthew Lipmans The educational role of philosophy

Philip Cam

8) Autonomy Democratic Community and Citizenship in Philosophy for Children Dewey and Philosophy for Childrens Rejection of the Individual Community Dualism

Jennifer Bleazby

9) Philosophy for children (Article)

Matthew Charles

10) Philosophy in Primary Schools Fostering Thinking Skills and Literacy

Robert Fisher

11) Philosophy for Children as Listening Avoiding Pitfalls of Instrumentalization

Tomaz Grusovnik1,Lucija Hercog

12) Conceptions of Childhood in the Educational Philosophies of John Locke and John Dewey (Article)

Gregory Lewis Bynum

13) Using a Philosophers Pedagogy to Teach School Subjects The case of Ethnic Studies at Kailua High School

Amber Strong Makaiau

14) Developing Thinking Capacity in Children The role of Philosophy for Children P4C (Presentation)

Keith Topping

15) Your Image of the Child Where Teaching Begins (Article)

Loris Malaguzzi

16) Philosophy for Children in Hawaii A Community Circle Discussion

Benjamin Lukey

17) The Nature of Philosophy for Children and Its Role in Teaching and Learning (Article)

Yahya Gaedi

Here ends our selection of free Philosophy for Children books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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