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For all those readers who wish to obtain more knowledge about one of the most influential currents of thought in the world, we bring you our selection of free books on marxism books in PDF format.

Marxism is a proposal made by Karl Marx to analyze critically and conscientiously the capitalist society, as well as the overcoming of this through the revolutionary option. 

Marxism is known as a theoretical perspective and a methodology of synthesis and socioeconomic analysis of reality and history.

Karl Marx, philosopher, sociologist, revolutionary journalist, and economist of German origin, included in his proposal class relations and social conflict using a materialist interpretation of historical development. 

By consulting the more than 35 materials among books and articles on Marxism in PDF format that we share with you in this section, you will have the opportunity to know in depth this movement and current of thought.

Marxism Books

Marx and the Concept of Historical Time

George Tomlinson

Marxist Philosophy - An Introductory Notes


A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy

Karl Marx's

What Is Marxism All About

FIST - Fight Imperialism

The rebel guide to marxism

Socialist Workers Network

Dialectical Materialism

Ray Nunes

Historical Materialism and the Economics of Karl Marx

Benedetto Croce

Marx's theory of crisis as a theory of class struggle

Peter Bell and Harry Cleaver



Marxism and the Classics


Althusser’s Structuralism and a Theory of Class

Alasdair B. R. Stewart

Marxist philosophy and organization studies

Paul S. Adler

Structural Marxism

Roslender, Robin

Dialectics and Materialism

T. Jayaraman

The Marxist Critique of Morality and the Theory of Ideology

Michael Rosen

Marx, Karl

Michael Rosen

Karl Marx - What is dialectical materialism


The Marxist Tradition in the History of Economics

Anthony Brewer


Josiah Heyman

The Basic Characteristics of Marx’s Political Philosophy (Article)

Tiefeng Lai

The Relevance of the Ideas of Marx Today (Article)

Rayees Ahmad Wani, Rauoof Raja Dar and Khursheed Ahmad Bhat

Books by the Principal Authors of Marxism

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are the main authors of Marxism, a political, economic, and philosophical current that has become one of the most influential in modern history. 

Marx is known for his work “Das Kapital” and for being the father of Marxism, while Engels was his close collaborator and personal friend, and co-author of some of his most important works.

Here are the links to the best-known books by the main authors of Marxism:

Marxist Economic Theory Books

Marxist economic theory is one of the most influential in the history of economic and political thought. Its ideas are based on the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and focus on the critique of the capitalist system and the proposal of a socialist system that seeks equality and economic justice.

Marxist theory holds that the value of goods and services produced in an economy is due to the labor invested in them, not the capital invested.

If you are interested in learning more about marxist economic theory, you can’t help but explore the free books and articles we have available below.

Marxist Crisis Theory and the Severity of the Current Economic Crisis

David M. Kotz

Revisiting Marx’s Concept of Alienation

Marcello Musto

Marx’s Capital - the Revolt against Classical Economics

Widodo, Tri

Capitalism and alienation - Towards a Marxist theory of alienation for the 21st century

Emil Oversveen

Marxian Economics - Notes from a Neo-classical Viewpoint

Anjan Mukherji

An Essay on the Crisis of Capitalism

Korkut Erturk

Marx’S Concept Of Alienation And Its Impacts On Human Life

Muhammad Iqbal Shah

Alienation and Marxism - An Alternative Starting Point for Critical IR Theory (Article)

Faruk Yalva

An Analysis of Karl Marx’s Theory of Value on the Contemporary Capitalist Economy (Article)

Anthony Imoisi Ilegbinosa

Books on Marxist Political Thought

The politics of Marxism revolved around the idea of class struggle and the need for a proletarian revolution. Marx believed that history showed a constant struggle between the oppressed and oppressor classes. 

The ruling class uses its political power to defend its economic interests, exploiting the lower classes. On the other hand, Marx defined the state as the instrument of class domination of the bourgeoisie, used to maintain the oppression of the workers. 

However, he also saw the state as a tool that workers could temporarily seize to facilitate the transition to communism. Learn a little more with the following free books and articles on marxist political thought.

Political Theory

University of Mumbai

The Concept of Ideology in Marx, Engels and Lenin

Wanas Piyakulchaidech

The State and Revolution - The Marxist Theory of the State & the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution

V.I. Lenin

Marxist Political Theory, Diversity of Tactics, and the Doctrine of the Long Civil War

Clyde W. Barrow

Post-Marxism” and the Social and Political Theory of Karl Marx

Atilio A. Boron

A Critical Marxist Approach to Capital Theory

Cavalieri, Duccio

Karl Marx and the state


Historical Materialism


Marx on Historical Materialism (Article)

Michael Baur and H. B. Acton

The Marxist Theory of the State: An Introductory Guide (Article)

Ugumanin Bassey Obo and Maurice Ayodele Coker

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