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Politics is the science of life in society, its form of organization, power relations and coexistence in community. If you are one of those who wonder how politics should work in the world, our selection of political philosophy books in PDF format will suit you like a glove.

Political philosophy has its origins in antiquity. Already the great philosopher Confucius had related the exercise of politics to the ethical actions of men. Aristotle and Plato were fundamental pillars of political philosophy in Ancient Greece and throughout history many other thinkers continued to develop it. Go deeper with our collection of political philosophy books.

We can define political philosophy as the branch of philosophy that analyzes political content, focusing on how it should be exercised. In this it differs from political science, which studies what politics has been, is and will be, rather than focusing on how it should be.

In this sense, it allows us to reflect on some fundamental principles for the correct exercise of politics, such as the ethics that should characterize it, the power relations that are generated, the different forms of government and classes of society, as well as freedom in decision-making and corruption derived from harmful practices.

Political philosophy deals with all political phenomena in a rational, objective and analytical way. It has had, throughout history, some outstanding philosophers such as those we named at the beginning and others such as St. Thomas Aquinas, Machiavelli and Hobbes.

We invite you to explore much more of this subject in the more than 10 books of political philosophy in PDF format, which you can access in this section and download them easily and totally free.

Here we present our complete selection of Political Philosophy books:

Classical Political Philosophy and Modern Democracy

Rebekkah Brainerd

The History of Political Philosophy

James Alexander

Analyzing African Social and Political Philosophy Trends and Challenges

Dr Albert Kasanda

Introduction to Aristotles Politics

Richard Kraut

The Closing Of The Early Modern Mind Leo Strauss And Early Modern Political Thought

Neil G Robertson

Political Philosophy of Al Farabi and the Logic of the Integration and Solidarity in the International Area

Fikret Birdisli

Political Science


The Epistemological Foundations of Political Decision Making

Michael J Ackerman

Liberalism A Political Philosophy (Article)

Ronald Chau

The Methodology of Political Theory

Christian List,Laura Valentini

Politics and Method in Plato’s Political Theory

George Klosko

Indian Socio Political Thought (Article)

Dr Mousumi Das

The Political Philosophy of the Enlightenment (Article)

Timothy Deaver

Here ends our selection of free Political Philosophy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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