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Knowledge is one of the highest values of human beings. Thanks to it we can, as a society, advance in solving problems, discover new ways of doing so and facilitate life in general. That is why we are encouraged to select books on gnosiology in PDF format, a branch of philosophy that teaches us how this process takes place.

Throughout history, man has been interested in discovering the incredible way we have of accessing reality. Knowledge has been seen as a way of appropriating and fixing information about external and internal reality. Learn much more about this process with our selection of gnosiology books.

We can define gnosiology as an area of philosophy that studies the cause or origin, characteristics and limitations of knowledge. In other words, it studies the theory of knowledge. It is important to distinguish it from epistemology, since the latter deals exclusively with scientific knowledge. Gnosiology, on the other hand, deals with knowledge in general.

From the perspective of gnosiology, there are two main ways of acquiring knowledge: by means of the senses and by means of reason. Both ways would be the basis of two currents of thought. On the one hand, empiricism, which affirms that knowledge is always attained through the senses. And, on the other, rationalism, which dictates that knowledge is acquired by deductions derived from reason.

Other doctrines of thought such as realism, skepticism, dialectical materialism and constructivism have contributed to the growth of this discipline, providing different perspectives on knowledge.

We leave you access to more than 5 books of gnosiology in PDF format that you can download immediately and for free from this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Gnosiology books:

Gnoseology Ontology and the Arrow of Time

Mario Castagnino,Juan Jose Sanguineti

Basic Knowledge and Conditions on Knowledge

Mark Mcbride

What is Knowledge? Who Creates it? Who Possesses it? The Need for Novel Answers to Old Questions

Aileen Oeberst, Joachim Kimmerle, and Ulrike Cress

Levels of Knowledge

Y. Sreekanth

Theological Apophaticism and Philosophical Nihilism Towards a Theory of Knowledge

Federico Aguirre

The Hard Problem of Consciousness in the Light of Onto Gnoseological Uncertainty

Ekaterina Nikolaevna Gnatik,Sergey Alexandrovich Lokhov,Dmitry Valerievich Mamchenkov

On the gnoseologic principles of Bertrand Russell

Rafael Andres Alemañ Berenguer

Gnoseology Epistemology (Presentation)

The Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Image Identity Reality Gnoseology of Painting (Article)

Iva Draskiv Vivanovic

Gnoseology-based Approach to Foundations of Informatics

Mykola Nikitchenko

Here ends our selection of free Gnosiology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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