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This collection of free books on positivism is essential for those who study science and philosophy. Also for those who like to have a broad knowledge of general culture. Positivism, in its time, was crucial to orient reason towards the contribution of tangible solutions from science.

Our selection of positivism books in PDF format is about this topic that is framed in the scientific, philosophical, and political aspects of great relevance in the nineteenth century. Not to be confused with the term “positivism” which refers to an optimistic attitude towards life.

Positivism is defined as a philosophical, sociological, and political current that defends that all valid knowledge is that which comes from verifiable facts in reality and promotes the application of the scientific method daily, to deal with any matter of life.

The historical framework of positivism is quite complex. On the one hand, it is one of the phenomena that emerged as a consequence of the French Revolution, which triggered many political, economic, and social changes. In this sense, it began to study individuals and societies as objects.

In addition, it has its origins in the Enlightenment, a current of thought based on 18th-century Empiricism, led by David Hume. Empiricism had its foundation in the idea that all knowledge came from experience.

Take a look at this collection of more than 20 materials including books and articles on positivism in PDF format and support your research with reliable literature on the subject.

Positivism Books

Introduction to positivist, interpretivism & critical theory

The Open University

From Scientific Philosophy to Absolute Positivism - Abel Rey and the Vienna Circle

Anastasios Brenner

A brief comparative analysis of positivism and subjectivism as philosophical approaches to research (Article)

Kwaku Ayim Atta-Asiedu

Positivism and Knowledge Inquiry - From Scientific Method to Media and Communication Research (Article)

Kizito Ogedi Alakwe

The Positivism Paradigm of Research (Article)

Yoon Soo Park, Lars Konge and Anthony R. Artino Jr

Books by Auguste Comte and other Important Books on Positivism

Positivism, an influential philosophical and scientific current, has spawned several seminal books that have left a lasting mark on intellectual thought. 

These works have contributed to the understanding of positivism and its impact on a variety of fields.  Among the most important books on positivism are the writings of Auguste Comte, considered the founding father of this current.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of positivism through the work of Auguste Comte and other outstanding authors who have left an indelible mark on scientific thought.

The Positive Philosophy

Auguste Comte

A General View Of Positivism

Auguste Comte

System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive

John Stuart Mill

Articles on Positivism in the Social Sciences

Positivism has played a fundamental role in the development of the social sciences, establishing a scientific and objective approach to the study of society and human behavior.

Positivism, with its scientific and objective approach, has left a profound mark on the social sciences, transforming the way we understand and study social reality.

Disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, and economics benefit from this perspective, as it allows us to unravel the patterns and regularities that underlie social phenomena. Learn a little more with the following free articles on positivism in the social sciences.

Positivism and Its Others in the Social Sciences

George Steinmetz

Contextualism versus Positivism in Cross-Cultural Psychology

Carl Ratner

Anthropology in Eastern Europe between positivism and constructivism

Marek Jakoubek

Methodology of Social Sciences - Positivism, Anti-Positivism, and the Phenomenological Mediation

Koshy Tharakan

Positivism And Statistics In Social Science

Russell Keat

Articles on Positivism and Ethics

The relationship between positivism and ethics represents an attempt to establish a morality grounded in reason and science. Positivism, with its scientific and observation-based approach, seeks to establish ethical principles grounded in reason and empirical evidence.

Instead of basing ethics on abstract concepts or divinity, positivism proposes a more pragmatic and secular vision. The search for morality based on universal and measurable principles is one of the key contributions of positivism in the field of ethics.

If you want to learn more, enjoy the following free articles on positivism and ethics. And if you want to learn more about Ethics, we invite you to visit our complete section of free ethics books.

Legal positivism and the real definition of law

David Plunketta and Daniel Wodak

Positivism and the Inseparability of Law and Morals

Leslie Green

The positivist theory of right and law and its moral implications in the contemporary world

University of Makeni

The Moral Dilemma Of Positivism

Anthony D’Amato

Ethics and mono-disciplinarity - positivism , informed consent and informed participation (Article)

M.A. Hersh and W.D. Tucker

Logical Positivism Books

Logical Positivism, also known as Logical Empiricism, is a philosophical current that emerged in Vienna in the early 20th century. It is characterized by its focus on empirical verification and its rejection of anything that cannot be verified by observation and experimentation.

Its approach and the importance of science and logic are still relevant today and have influenced various fields, including psychology, sociology, and science in general.

If you are interested in learning more about the subject, you will be happy to know that we have provided free logical positivism books and articles for you to download.

The American Reception of Logical Positivism - First Encounters (1929-1932)

Sander Verhaegh

The Philosophy of Logical Positivism

Mauro Murzi

The Scientific Conception of the World - The Vienna Circle

Hahn, H., Neurath, O., & Carnap, R

Logical Positivism and the Principle of Verification

John Aloysius Dinneen

Logical positivism - basic ideas, implications and critique


Post-Positivist Approaches To Research

Anne B. Ryan

Positivism and post-positivism as the basis of quantitative research in pedagogy

Jelena Maksimovic and Jelena Evtimov

Logical positivism / logical empiricism (Article)

Adam Caulton

Philosophy and Logical Positivism (Article)

Michele Marsonet

Logical Positivist Conception of Knowledge and the Verification Principle - A Reflection (Article)

Ade-Ali and Funmilayo A.

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