15+ Books on Capitalism for Free! [PDF]

Capitalism is a social and economic system based on the idea that the means of production must be in private hands to ensure development and wealth in the world. It is governed by the laws of the market, which functions as a mechanism that efficiently distributes scarce means.

According to this ideology, capital is the basis of wealth and individuals are free to decide whether or not to enter into a relationship of labor dependence or assume the management of the means of production. In this sense, economic resources will always be directed by individuals and not by the State.

In the world, most nations are governed by the capitalist system, but not by pure capitalism. For, the State always has control, power and resources that allow it to maneuver in collaboration with the private sector.

The levels of control and appropriation of capital vary from one nation to another, between public and private. But the idea is always to give the right value and prominence to market dynamics.

Learn more about this topic by exploring the more than 15 books on capitalism in PDF format that we leave at your disposal in this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Books on Capitalism:

1) What Is Capitalism

Hoover Institution

2) Evolution of Capitalism

Shivaji College University of Delhi

3) The Capitalist Transformation

Mushtaq Husain Khan

4) Understanding Global Capitalism

William Robinson

5) Good Capitalism Bad Capitalism and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity

William J Baumol,Robert E Litan,Carl J Schramm

6) An Introduction to Varieties of Capitalism

Peter A Hall,David Soskice

7) Adam Smiths Model of Capitalism and its Relevance Today

Farah Naz

8) Mercantilist Origins of Capitalism and its Legacies From Birth to Decline of Western Hegemony

Kari Polanyi Levitt

9) Postmodernism or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

Fredric Jameson

10) Capitalism and the Future of Democracy

Isabel V Sawhill

11) American Capitalism and Global Convergence After the Bubble

Marina V N Whitman

12) Institutional and Developmental Paths Differences Among Developed Countries the Varieties of Capitalism A Literature Review

Mako C.Polonyi I,Szanyi M

13) The Return of Patrimonial Capitalism A Review of Thomas Pikettys Capital in the Twenty First Century

Branko Milanovic

14) What Is Capitalism (Article)

Sarwat Jahan,Ahmed Saber Mahmud

15) Contemporary Capitalism (Article)

Greg Albo

16) The Capitalist Market How it is Supposed to Work (Article)

Social Science Computing Cooperative UW Madison

17) Capitalism and Morality (Article)

Edward W Younkins

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