15+ Chemical Engineering Books for Free! [PDF]

Are you interested in studying chemical engineering? Engineering in general seems to us to be of great relevance to any modern society and we know that there is an interest in studying it in our reading community. That’s why you can’t miss our collection of chemical engineering books in PDF format available for immediate download.

Chemical engineering is indispensable for the development of any country, as it seeks to optimize industrial production. We know you want to research this topic, so we invite you to read our free public domain chemical engineering books, available for immediate download.

Chemical engineering is one of the branches of engineering that deals with the study, design and development of useful products for societies, starting from a raw material. It makes use of sciences such as chemistry, physics and mathematics, among others, to create materials and energies that benefit the population.

As is known, it is studied as a university profession in almost all countries. The scope of work of a chemical engineer are industrial facilities; production, construction, equipment assembly and consulting companies; public bodies, universities and research centers.

The sectors that require the presence of a chemical engineer are many, among which we can highlight: the petrochemical industry, gas, oil, food, plastics, energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, textiles, among others. The field of action is wide and of great interest to all mankind.

There is nothing like finding relevant books in one place, so we invite you to take a look at our collection of over 15 books on chemical engineering in PDF format. This will allow you to delve deeper into this branch of engineering without which today’s world would be inconceivable. This compendium of books is free and completely public. Enjoy your reading!

Here we present our complete selection of Chemical Engineering books:

1) Chemical Engineering


Source: Wiley

2) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II

T.K. Nguyen

Source: Cal Poly Pomona

3) Chemical Process Dynamics and Controls Book I

University of Michigan

Source: University of Michigan

4) The AIChE Pocket Handbook

Thomas R. Hanley

Source: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

5) Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (Presentation)

Dr. Muhammad Rashid Usman

Source: University of the Punjab

6) Unsolved Problems in Chemical Engineering

Liang-Shih Fan, Martin Feinberg, Geoffrey Hulse

Source: The Ohio State University

7) Chemical Engineering Research and Design

C. Dean, J. Blamey, N. H. Florin

Source: CORE

8) Introduction to Chemical Engineer Profession (Presentation)

Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology

Source: Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology

9) Chemical Engineering Matters


Source: The Institution of Chemical Engineers

10) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Andrew S. Rosen

Source: Tufts University

11) An Overview of Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Chemical Engineering

The University of Adelaide and Queensland niversity of Technology (The Natural Edge Project)

Source: Queensland University of Technology

12) Chemical Engineering Matters for a modern world

Raffaella Ocone

Source: The Institution of Chemical Engineers

13) Introduction to Chemical and Environmental Engineering (Presentation)

Princeton University

Source: Princeton University

14) The Future of Chemical Engineering in the Global Market Context: Market Demands versus Technology Offers

J.C. Charpentier

Source: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly

15) Thermodynamics Of Chemical Processes

G. Maurer

Source: Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems

16) Chemical Engineering of Polymers-Production of Flexible, Funtional Materials

Matthew Tirrell

Source: University at Buffalo

17) Sneakers as a First Step in Chemical Engineering

Margot Vigeant, Richard Moore

Source: American Society for Engineering Education

18) What is chemical engineering?

Roger William Herbert Sargent

Source: ResearchGate

19) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: Transforming Thermo Lectures into a Dynamic Experience (Article)

Rebecca K. Toghiani

Source: American Society for Engineering Education

20) History of Chemical Engineering (Presentation)

Wayne Pafko

Source: The Cooper Union

Here ends our selection of free Chemical Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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