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Science is ambitious in its objectives and one of them is to intervene in the natural course of life. This is already becoming a reality and there is a discipline that seeks advances in this regard. As we know that it is of great interest to you, we present the collection of genetic engineering books in PDF format, free of charge.

Genetic engineering has several applications, one of the most important is in medicine where it can provide solutions to relevant problems such as the healing of diseases. With this selection of books on genetic engineering, we seek to promote research in this field that still has much to give to humanity.

This field of study can be defined as the manipulation and direct transfer of genes from one organism to another. In other words, a genetic combination is made that gives way to the solution of problems of some organisms. Biotechnology and other disciplines are used to achieve this.

The following activities can be carried out with genetic engineering: designing crops resistant to climatic conditions, detecting genetic diseases and eliminating the gene that produces the alteration, and creating drugs to eliminate affected cells in living organisms, among others.

We want you to continue learning about this interesting topic. That is why we invite you to take a look at the more than 35 materials, including books and articles on genetic engineering, that we offer in this section of our virtual library.

Genetic Engineering books

Genetic engineering


Genetic Engineering of Living Cells and Organisms

Terje Traavik, Kaare M. Nielsen And David Quist

Genetic engineering

R. Anuradha

DNA Technology, Genes and Genetic Engineering

Pamela Mancha Agresti, Fillipe Luiz Rosa do Carmo, Rodrigo Dias de Oliveira Carvalho and others

Guidelines for the use and safety of genetic engineering techniques or recombinant dna technology

Eduardo E. Trigo and Pedro N. Acha

Cloning books

Welcome to the fascinating world of cloning! Our collection of Cloning books in PDF provides valuable insights into the principles and techniques behind genetic replication. 

Explore the possibilities of creating identical organisms and delve into the ethical and practical implications of cloning. Stay informed and discover the transformative potential of this groundbreaking technology.

Delve into the methods used to clone animals, plants, and genes, and gain a deeper understanding of their applications. Explore the realms of reproductive and therapeutic cloning, and stay at the forefront of scientific advancements in this field.

Gene cloning: concept & basic steps (Article)

Kriti Shrinet

Review on Applications of Genetic Engineering And Cloning in Farm animals

Eyachew Ayana, Gizachew Fentahun, Ayalew Negash and others

Basics of DNA Cloning (Article)

Mustansiriyah University

Application of Cloning-Free Genome Engineering to Escherichia coli

Lucia Romeo, Antonia Esposito, Alberto Bernacchi and others

Methods of cloning

Alessandro Bertero, Stephanie Brown and Ludovic Vallier

Genetic modification books

Step into the extraordinary realm of genetic modification! Our collection of Genetic modification books in PDF offers a captivating exploration of this groundbreaking field. 

Uncover the intricate techniques and principles behind genetic engineering, where the building blocks of life are manipulated to unlock new possibilities. 

Discover the incredible potential of genetic modification in revolutionizing agriculture, medicine, and environmental conservation.

Genetically modified organisms (gmos)

European Parliament

Genetically modified crops: Safety, benefits, risks and global status


Genetically Modified Organisms and Biosafety

Tomme Young

The impact of genetic modification of human foods in the 21st century: A review

Stella G. Uzogara

Safety aspects of genetically modified foods of plant origin


Gene therapy books

Gene therapy is a revolutionary area of medical research that seeks to correct genetic diseases by modifying defective genes. Today we will offer a collection of Gene therapy books in PDF.

This promising technique is based on the introduction of healthy genes or the correction of defective genes in the patient’s cells. As research progresses, encouraging results have been obtained in the treatment of hereditary and acquired diseases.

One of the main advantages of gene therapy is its potential to treat diseases for which there is currently no cure. By addressing the genetic origin of disorders, this therapy offers the hope of a definitive cure rather than just treating the symptoms.

Gene Therapy and Other Medical Advances


Gene therapy - introduction and methods

NPTEL – Bio Technology

Gene therapy - Status and potential in clinical medicine

Erlend B. Smeland, Hans Prydz and others

An introduction to gene therapy and its potential prenatal use (Article)

Anne Cathrine Staff

Gene therapy for bone healing

De la Vega, R. E., Atasoy-Zeybek, A. and others

Agricultural biotechnology books

Agricultural biotechnology has revolutionized the way food is produced and grown. Today we will offer a collection of Agricultural biotechnology books in PDF.

Through the application of scientific knowledge and techniques, this discipline uses living organisms or their components to improve crops and increase yields. 

One of the main advantages of agricultural biotechnology is its ability to increase productivity and improve crop quality. Scientists can introduce pest and disease resistance genes into plants.

Agricultural Biotechnology

ISAAA SEAsiaCenter

What is Agricultural Biotechnology?

Cornell University

Agricultural Biotechnology

Margriet F. Caswell, Keith O. Fuglie and Cassandra A. Klotz

Agricultural Biotechnology to 2030

Angela M. Murphy, Daryl Van Moorsel and Michael Ching

New techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology

Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación. España

Genetic engineering in animals books

Discover the exciting world of genetic engineering in animals books in PDF. This branch has allowed the manipulation of the genes of various species, with the aim of improving specific characteristics or even creating organisms with unique properties. 

Dive into free books on genetic engineering in animals and discover how techniques such as gene editing have been used to modify heritable traits in animals, such as disease resistance, therapeutic protein production and meat quality improvement. 

Explore the ethical debates and social implications surrounding this technology and get a full picture of the benefits and challenges it poses.

Genetic engineering in animal production: Applications and prospects

Mebratu Asaye, Habtamu Biyazen and Mekonnen Girma

Genetically engineered animals and public health

Scott Gottlieb and Matthew B. Wheeler

Genetic Engineering Application in Animal Breeding-Review (Article)

Kindinew Yalew, Abaynew Gelaye and Haben Fesseha

CCAC training module on - genetically-engineered farm animals


Genetic engineering in microorganisms books

Explore the fascinating field of genetic engineering in microorganisms books in PDF. This scientific discipline has revolutionized the way genes in bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms are manipulated for benefits in a variety of areas.

Discover how techniques such as genetic modification and DNA recombination are used to improve the properties of microorganisms and harness their unique ability to produce compounds of interest. 

Explore the creation of genetically modified strains that can synthesize drugs, industrial enzymes or bioplastics more efficiently and sustainably. These free books will give you a comprehensive overview of the principles of genetic engineering in microorganisms.

Genetically modified organisms for the environment

Ildefonso Cases and Víctor de Lorenzo

Genetic engineering on microorganism: the ecological and bioethical implications

Engwa Azeh Godwill

Regulation of Genetically Engineered Microorganisms Under FIFRA, FFDCA and TSCA

Chris A. Wozniak, Gwendolyn McClung, Joel Gagliardi, Mark Segal, and Keith Matthews

Biodegradation: Involved Microorganisms and Genetically Engineered Microorganisms

Nezha Tahri Joutey, Wifak Bahafid, Hanane Sayel and Naïma El Ghachtouli

Safety assessment of foods derived from genetically modified microorganisms

WHO Headquarters

Importance of Bacteria in Agriculture (Article)

Sankari Meena K, Deepa S. P, Manju P and Vijayakumar S

Ethics and regulation books

Explore the fascinating ethical issues and regulation in the field of Ethics and regulation books in PDF. Genetics raises significant ethical issues and regulatory challenges because of its potential to influence human health, identity, and personal decision-making. 

The free books will give you an in-depth look at the fundamental ethical principles that apply to genetics, such as respect for autonomy, equity, and justice. 

Explore current debates related to genetic manipulation, genetic data privacy, and informed decision-making. Through these books, you will gain a better understanding of how policies and regulations to address ethical dilemmas and protect the rights of genetics.

Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Genetic

Iman Sharawy

Genetics and human behaviour - the ethical context (Article)

Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Ethics in Genetic Research

Samiran Nundy

Ethics assessment in different fields Genetics

Martín-Arribas and Javier Arias Díaz

Ethical, legal and social issues in genetic testing and genetics research

The bioethics advisory committee

Here ends our selection of free Genetic Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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