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Thanks to the development of technology today we can transform biological matter into products of social interest. If you are interested in this topic, then our collection of biochemical engineering books in pdf format is perfect for you.

Biochemical engineering is a science and, at the same time, a technology that deals with the transformation of biological materials to create products, services, and solutions of commercial and social value.

Biochemical engineers use the unit operations of chemical engineering, which are physical processes through which transformation takes place. They also implement specialized molecular biology and microbiology techniques.

On the other hand, they have a focus on industrial processes that involve open and applied research to create products of interest to agriculture, biotechnology, food science, pharmacy, and environmental sciences, among others.

Learn everything you need about this interesting profession with our collection of more than 35 materials including books and articles on biochemical engineering in PDF format and download the ones you prefer for your electronic devices from this section.

Biochemical Engineering books

Biochemical Engineering -A Concise Introduction

Mohamad Hekarl Uzir and Mashitah Mat Don

The importance and future of biochemical engineering

Timothy A. Whitehead, Scott Banta, William E. Bentley and others

Bioprocess Engineering


Biochemical Engineering - Unit 1

Annam Renita .A

Biochemical Engineering - Unit 2

Annam Renita .A

Biochemical Engineering - Unit 3

Annam Renita .A

Biochemical Engineering - Unit 4

Annam Renita .A

Biochemical Engineering - Unit 5

Annam Renita .A

Trends in Biotechnology and Ties with Chemical Engineering

Seyed Nezameddin Ashrafizadeh and Zahra Seifollahi

Biochemical engineering’s grand adventure

Henk J. Noorman and Joseph J. Heijnen

Industrial microbiology books

Industrial microbiology is a game-changer in multiple industries, harnessing the potential of microorganisms. If you want to read more about this topic, we recommend you to read our Industrial microbiology books in PDF. 

Bioprocessing is a vital aspect of industrial microbiology, employing microorganisms to produce enzymes, biofuels, and organic acids. This reduces costs and reliance on traditional chemical methods. 

Industrial microbiology also tackles waste management and environmental remediation. Microbes break down pollutants and convert waste into useful byproducts, contributing to a circular economy.

Industrial microbiology


Industrial microbiology

Adeleke Osho

Food and industrial microbiology

Neeraj Dilbaghi and S. Sharma

Food and industrial microbiology

Suja Senan, R. K. Malik and Shilpa Vij

Food and industrial microbiology

Tek Chand Bhalla, Nitya Nand Sharma and Monica Sharma

Design and optimization of biological reactors books

Are you interested in industrial design and optimization of biological reactors? If so, we have some exciting news for you! We are pleased to offer design and optimization of biological reactors books in PDF.

In the realm of industrial design, biological reactors play a crucial role in various fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater treatment.

This free book collection delves into the principles and practices of industrial design, providing valuable insights into the optimization techniques employed in biological reactors.

Simulation and Optimization of a Continuous Biochemical Reactor (Article)

Ghanim M. Alwan

Bioreactor shape optimization

Juan M. Bello Rivas, Jérôme Harmand and Benjamin Ivorra

Bioreactor Design, Automation and Optimization - A Multidisciplinary Approach

American Society for Engineering

Optimization of an Industrial Aerobic Bioreactor Using Combined CFD, Scale-Down, and Experimental Techniques

Esmaeilinejad Ahranjani, Parvaneh, Noofeli, Mojtaba and others

Design and development of a novel textile-based bioreactor

Osagie Alex Osadolor

Fermentation engineering books

Are you fascinated by fermentation engineering? If so, we have exciting news for you! We are delighted to offer free Fermentation engineering books in PDF for you and your research.

Fermentation engineering lies at the heart of numerous industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels. These free books provide a wealth of knowledge on the principles and applications of fermentation. 

Whether you’re a professional seeking to enhance your skills or a curious enthusiast, these books will be an invaluable resource. Dive into the world of fermentation engineering, exploring topics such as microbial metabolism, bioreactor design, and process optimization.

A Beginner’s Guide to Bioprocess Modes – Batch, FedBatch, and Continuous Fermentation

Ying Yang and Ma Sha

Industrial-Scale Fermentation

Hans-Peter Meyer, Wolfgang Minas, and Diego Schmidhalter


Landmark University

Fermentation Fundamentals: Brewing Bugs for Bioengineering

Sujata K. Bhatia

Biochemical and Microbiological Changes Associated with Fermentation of Durum Wheat for Lemzeïet Processing

Fatima Zohra Becila, Abdallah Bouasla, Christelle Turchiul and others

Engineering for the separation and purification of biotechnological products books

Discover the exciting world of engineering for the separation and purification of biotechnological products through our collection of Engineering for the separation and purification of biotechnological products books in PDF

These invaluable resources provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques involved in isolating and purifying biotech products. 

Explore the latest advancements in separation techniques, such as membrane filtration and centrifugation, and learn how to implement them effectively in industrial-scale processes.

Purification techniques for biological products

Erich hochuli

A Mini Literature Review on Current Advancements in Protein Purification Techniques

Mohd Hairul Mohd Salleh, Aida Fitri Peli, Mohamad Syazwan Ngalimat and others

Trends in bioseparations

J. Gonzalez-Valdez, K. Mayolo-Deloisa, M. Gonzalez-Gonzalez and M. Rito-Palomares

Bioprocess intensification: A route to efficient and sustainable biocatalytic transformations for the future

K.V.K. Boodhoo, M.C. Flickinger, J.M. Woodley and E.A.C. Emanuelsson

Downstream processing: separation and purification

McGraw-Hill Education

Biocatalysis and biotransformation engineering books

We are thrilled to offer Biocatalysis and biotransformation engineering books in PDF. These free books serve as comprehensive guides, delving into the principles, techniques, and applications.

Biocatalysis and biotransformation engineering are rapidly evolving fields that hold immense potential in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and specialty chemicals. 

Unleash your understanding of biocatalysis and biotransformation engineering with these free books. Gain valuable insights into the latest advancements, learn about novel enzyme discovery techniques, and explore the potential of biocatalysts in synthesizing.

Biocatalysis and Biotransformations (Article)

Manuel Ferrer

Combining chemistry and protein engineering for new-to-nature biocatalysis

David C. Miller, Soumitra V. Athavale and Frances H. Arnold

Recent trends in biocatalysis engineering

Andrés Illanes, Ana Cauerhff, Lorena Wilson and Guillermo R. Castro

Role of Biocatalysis in Sustainable Chemistry

Roger A. Sheldon and John M. Woodley


Hiltrud Lenke and Andreas Schmid

Engineering of recombinant protein production books

Dive into the fascinating field of engineering recombinant protein production with our Engineering of recombinant protein production books in PDF

These invaluable resources provide insights into the principles and techniques used to efficiently produce therapeutic proteins. From gene cloning and expression systems to purification methods, these books cover the entire process. 

Discover the immense possibilities of engineering recombinant protein production through our curated selection of free books. From understanding the fundamentals of genetic engineering to unraveling advanced protein purification techniques.

Whole synthetic pathway engineering of recombinant protein production

Adam J. Brown, Suzanne J. Gibson, Diane Hatton and others

Promoter engineering for the recombinant protein production in prokaryotic systems

Ozgun Firat Duzenli and Sezer Okay

The role of protein engineering in the design and production of recombinant proteins (Article)

eyed Hossein Khaleghinejad, Mohammad Dehghan Niri, Azam Fazilat and others

Production of Recombinant Proteins - Challenges and Solutions

Laura A. Palomares, Sandino Estrada-Mondaca, and Octavio T. Ramírez

Engineering microbial cell factories for protein production

Kiavash Mirzadeh

Here ends our selection of free Biochemical Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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