15+ Telematics Engineering Books for Free! [PDF]

With our collection of telematics books in PDF format, you will learn fundamental principles and concepts that will help you in your studies on the subject. 

If you are interested in the world of telecommunications and computer science, you will surely be attracted to this branch of engineering that is so indispensable in today’s world.

But what is telematics? It is the branch of engineering that is in charge of designing and operating telecommunications and computer systems that meet business needs. 

To master this discipline, the professional needs to master the knowledge of electronics, computing, telecommunications, physics, and mathematics. All these fields of study constitute the main pillars of telematics services.

Consult our selection of more than 25 materials including books and free articles on telematics engineering in PDF format and learn everything you want to know about this interesting and indispensable field of study.

Telematics Engineering Books

The Impact of Telematics on the Insurability of Risk

Martin Eling, Mirko Kraf

Exploring value proposition of service offerings in telematics system

Raghukulesh Achi

Impact Of The Telematics For Libraries Programme

European Commission

Proposal for Applying Telematics Concept and Analyzing Economical Model in Site (Article)

Lee, Tai Sik Lee, Dong Wook Koo and Ja Kyung

A Brief Guide To The History Of Telematics (Article)

Tomtom Telematics

Telecommunication Networks Books

Telecommunication networks are systems that allow the interconnection and exchange of information between different devices. Today we will introduce you to our collection of telecommunication networks books.

These networks are essential in today’s society as they facilitate instant communication and access to shared resources. Through data transmission, communication networks enable remote communication.

Telematics Engineering is closely related to Telecommunication networks. This discipline combines knowledge from computer engineering, telecommunications and network management to design and manage communication systems.

Telecommunication Systems & Data Networks

Muhammad Hamza El-Saba

Telecommunication switching theory and applications

P. Ashok Babu, U. Soma Naidu and A. Karthik

Fundamentals of telecommunication


Telecommunications, the Internet, and Information System Architecture


Modeling Telecommunication Systems - From Standards to System Architectures

Dominikus Herzberg aus Bonn

Computer Networks Books

In the current digital era, the interconnection of devices and systems has become essential for the efficient functioning of our daily lives. This is where two fundamental fields come into play: computer networks and telematics engineering.

The combination of these two fields allows for the development of robust and efficient infrastructures for data transfer and real-time communication.

Computer Networks books offer an invaluable source of knowledge to understand the fundamentals, technologies, and protocols that underpin connectivity and communication in the digital era. We invite you to visit our complete section of free Computer Networks books.

Mobile Communication Systems Books

Mobile communication systems have revolutionized the way we connect and communicate in the digital age. These systems enable data transfer and communication through mobile devices.

Our collection about Mobile communication systems books offer a valuable opportunity to delve into the exciting world of telecommunications. 

With the growing demand and interest in these technologies, specialized books have become a must-have tool for students, professionals and industry enthusiasts, boosting their sales and dissemination.

Fundamentals of Mobile Communication Systems

Majid Salal Naghmash and Ghassan A. Abed

Mobile communication


Overview of mobile communication systems


Cellular and mobile communications

Krishna Mohan, U Somanaidu and Shashikanth Reddy

Introduction to mobile communications

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Network Security Books

Network security books are an invaluable source of knowledge that address the fascinating world of cybersecurity. Exploring concepts and techniques.

Today, network security has become a critical issue for any organization or individual using information technology and connected to the Internet.

Cybersecurity professionals work hard to stay abreast of the latest trends in attacks and vulnerabilities, implementing proactive measures to prevent intrusions and safeguard confidential information.

Network Security


Network Security


Network Security Basics


Information and network security

Atria - e-Learning

Cloud Computing

The cloud allows access to compute resources and services over the Internet. If you are interested, we invite you to dive into our cloud computing books in PDF.

With the cloud, users can access their data and applications from anywhere, at any time, providing flexibility and mobility

Cloud computing is a fundamental concept in Telematics Engineering. This discipline focuses on the integration of telecommunications and computer science for the design and management of networks and services.

Cloud Computing Tutorial


Lecture notes on cloud computing

Ch. Srividya, A.Jayanthi, S. Swarajya Laxmi and B. Tejaswi

Cloud computing avoids downfall of application service providers

Kathleen Jungck and Syed M. Rahman

Overview of cloud computing and its types (Article)

Ms N Rajeswari and Sameer Mohammad

Wireless Sensor Networks Books

Wireless sensor networks free books introduce the exciting concept of interconnection and wireless communication between smart devices. 

Today, wireless sensor networks play a key role in a variety of applications, from environmental monitoring to industrial automation. 

Related to Telematics Engineering, these books are an invaluable tool for understanding how wireless sensor networks are driving the development of smarter and more efficient technology solutions.

Wireless Sensor Networks

John Stankovic

Wireless sensor networks


Overview of Wireless Sensor Network

M.A. Matin and M.M. Islam

Lecture Notes on Wireless Sensor Networks

Mr. D. Mahesh

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