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Knowing the constitution and history of our planet, from a geological point of view, has been of great interest to mankind. Therefore, we created this collection of engineering geology books in PDF format, to help you understand the basics of this important discipline.

This selection of geological engineering books is intended for students of this career who are in the process of delving into the fundamentals of both geology and engineering and their subsequent application in the work field.

But what exactly is engineering geology? It is the branch of engineering that deals with addressing and solving problems that develop in the geological environment and human interaction with it.

Among the applications of this discipline are: the design of anti-seismic structures, foundation and retaining structure design, ground improvement, and contaminated water remediation, among many others.

Check out our selection of more than 20 engineering geology books in PDF format and download the ones you prefer to your electronic devices, free of charge.

Geological Engineering books

Engineering geology

Y Ravi kumar and K Tarun kumar

Engineering Geology


Engineering Geology

Dept of Civil Engg, ACE

Introduction to engineering geology and geomorphology of glaciated and periglaciated terrains

C. J. Martin, A. L. Morley and J. S. Griffiths

Soil and rock mechanics books

Learn about geotechnical properties, laboratory and field-testing, and how to apply this knowledge in infrastructure design and construction. Get access to a selection of soil and rock mechanics books in PDF.

From soil strength analysis to rock stability assessment, these free soil and rock mechanics books will give you the tools you need to tackle geotechnical challenges on your projects. 

Explore the concepts of consolidation, permeability and rock behavior, and learn how to perform tests and assays to obtain accurate data. Take advantage of this valuable offer and gain fundamental knowledge of soil and rock mechanics for free.

Soil & Soil Mechanics

Jaafar Mohammed

Soil Mechanics Notes Chapter One (Introduction to Soil Mechanics)

Ahmed Al-Obaidi

Soil Mechanics


Soil Mechanics - Lectures

Khitam Abdulhussein Saeed

Introductionto Soil Mechanics

Al Qalam University College

Hydrogeology books

Get free access to a selection of hydrogeology books in PDF and expand your knowledge in this essential discipline for engineers, hydrologists and water resource professionals.

Dive into the principles of hydrogeology and learn about aquifer exploration and monitoring techniques. These free books will provide you with an in-depth understanding of groundwater infiltration, storage and extraction processes. 

Discover how hydrogeology plays a crucial role in the sustainable management of water resources and protection of aquatic ecosystems. These free hydrogeology books will provide you with tools to understand and assess groundwater availability and quality.

Water & Hydrogeology

Magee Barracks

African hydrogeology and rural water supply

Alan M. Macdonald, Jeff Davies and Roger C. Calow

Hydrogeology Notes

Yours truly and Mao Zedong

Lecture Notes on Groundwater Hydrology


Watershed Hydrology

R. Suresh

Geotechnics books

Geotechnics is a branch of engineering that focuses on the analysis and design of structures and foundations. These free geotechnics books in PDF will guide you through the key concepts of geotechnical engineering.

These free geotechnical books will provide you with tools to assess ground suitability, determine soil bearing capacity, and design safe and efficient foundations. 

Geotechnical knowledge is essential for engineers and professionals involved in infrastructure construction. This knowledge allows understanding the behavior of soils and rocks, and their interaction with the structures built on them.

Geotechnical Engineering

Bryant Andrew Robbins

Geotechnical Engineering

Nyambane Osano

Basic Geotechnical Engineering

Richard P. Weber

Geotechnical engineering (Presetantion)


Geotechnical Engineering


Environmental geology

Geological environment refers to the study of the interaction between geological processes and the natural environment. Get free access to a selection of environmental geology in PDF

Environmental geology focuses on understanding how geological phenomena, such as rock formation, erosion, volcanic activity and earthquakes, influence the environment and ecosystems. 

This discipline examines the relationship between geological factors and environmental processes, such as water quality, soil conservation, natural resource management and natural disaster prevention.

Environmental Geology


Introduction / Overview of Environmental Geology

Western Oregon University’s

Introduction to environmental Geology (Presentation)

Bassam A. Abuamarah Al Mohanna

Environmental Geology

Vancouver Island University

Core Concepts Of Environmental Geology

John Sales

Petroleum geology

University of Baghdad

Here ends our selection of free Geological Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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