20+ Electrical Engineering Books for Free! [PDF]

Imagine a world without electricity. It’s hard, isn’t it? A branch of engineering is responsible for continuing to provide us with electrical energy efficiently so that our lives can develop normally. Our books on electrical engineering in PDF format have complete information on this discipline of vital importance to modern societies.

It is worthwhile, if you are a student or researcher, to take a look at our collection of electrical engineering books. Although practice makes perfect, the truth is that everything starts from theory, even more so in university professions. Electrical engineering, moreover, is nourished by several sciences, such as mathematics, physics and mechanics. There is a lot to study and we make it easy for you.

Electrical engineering can be defined as the branch of engineering that deals with the study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to generate, transport, use and distribute electrical energy. This discipline solves complex problems of high power electrical systems. An electrical engineer must be very well prepared to address them effectively, their knowledge must be broad and strong, both theoretical, practical and technical.

In some countries, such as the United States, electronic engineering is considered a branch of electrical engineering, although the former focuses on low-power systems. It is mostly applied in telecommunications and computer science.

Preparation is the key to success and our collection of over 20 electrical engineering books in PDF format will help you achieve it. Reading is an important part of the student’s tasks in college careers, so we recommend that you read our books, which are available for free for immediate download.

You should not miss the opportunity to have someone compile titles on your topic of interest. We wish you a happy reading.

Here we present our complete selection of Electrical Engineering books:

1) Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I

Don H. Johnson

Source: Rice University

2) Electromagnetics and Applications

David H. Staelin

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3) Electromagnetics

Andrei Nicolaide

Source: UniTBv

4) An Introduction to Electrical Safety for Engineers

Donald S. Bloswick, P.E., PhD

Source: Duke University

5) Introduction to Electronic Engineering

Valery Vodovozov

Source: Valery Vodovozov

6) Electromagnetism

David Tong

Source: University of Cambridge

7) Electrical Circuits


Source: MRCET

8) Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College

Source: Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College

9) Hands-On Introduction to EE Lab Skills (Power Point Presentation)

Gim Hom

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10) Basic electrical engineering

V.HimaBindu V.V.S Madhuri & Chandrashekar.D

Source: Griet

11) Creative Inquiry Electronics ProjectLab Manual


Source: Clemson University, South Carolina

12) Introduction to Electricity


Source: NYU

13) Basic Electronics


Source: NYU

14) Units and symbols for electrical and electronic engineers


Source: Theiet

15) Basic Electronics Engineering (Power Point Presentation)

Rajendra Kumar Prusty, Asima Rout, Sarat Kumar Muduli

Source: SCTEVT

16) Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering

Christopher Batten

Source: Cornell University

17) Introduction to the Electromagnetic Theory (Power Point Presentation)

Andrea Latina (CERN)

Source: CERN

18) Engineering Analysis

Prof. Peter YK Cheung

Source: Imperial College London

19) Economic evaluation of charging/discharging control of electricvehicles as system flexibility considering control participation rate

Nanami Yoshioka; Hiroshi Asano; Shigeru Bando

Source: Wiley

20) Research on Motor With Nanocrystalline Soft Magneticalloy Stator Cores (Article)

Tsuyoshi Nonaka; Shingo Zeze; Shogo Makino; Motomichi Ohto

Source: Wiley

21) Development of Droop Control with Active Power Limitation and DC Voltage Limitation for Multiterminal High-Voltage Direct Current System (Article)

Toru Yoshihara; Mamoru Kimura

Source: Wiley

22) Electrical Engineering (Article)

UNC Charlotte: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Source: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Here ends our selection of free Electrical Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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