15+ Industrial Engineering Books for Free! [PDF]

With the sole purpose of providing new information to our readers, we decided to create a new list of free books on Industrial Engineering. This is a subject of great application and usefulness in today’s world, so we have created a compendium of texts in PDF format to facilitate your access to information.

By definition, Industrial Engineering is the branch of engineering responsible for analyzing, interpreting, understanding, designing, programming and controlling production and logistics systems in order to manage, implement and define optimization strategies to obtain the maximum performance of processes for the creation of goods or to provide services.

By conviction, Industrial Engineering is a tool that encompasses the knowledge of several disciplines, whose purpose is to integrate techniques and technologies in favor of a competent, qualified and safe production.

Frederick Taylor is known as the father of Industrial Engineering, who earned a degree in mechanical engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. In addition, Taylor obtained several patents for his inventions, and his books entitled, «Shop Management» and «The Principles of Scientific Management» published in 1900, were the beginning of Industrial Engineering.

Our list is composed of more than 15 books on Industrial Engineering in PDF format, in which you can read about the most relevant points of this discipline. From our list we have included books in Spanish and Portuguese for you to read in the language of your preference.

All books have been made available for free distribution or are in the public domain.

Here we present our complete selection of Industrial Engineering books:

1) Competencies and skills for future Industrial Engineers defined in Spanish degrees

Cristina Santandreu-Mascarell, Lourdes Canós-Darós, Carlos Pons-Morera

2) How applicable is industrial engineering in mining? (Article)

T.S. Hattingh and O.T. Keys

3) Industrial Engineering

Various authors

4) Details and Description of Industrial Engineering

Paul Savory

5) Why Industrial Engineering? (Article)

Alberto Fernandez

6) Industrial Engineering in Organizational Structure of Company (Article)

David Tucek and Jaroslav Dlabac

7) The Industrial Engineer's Role in the Quality Management Transformation

Michelle K. Lussier

8) Study of trends and perspectives of industrial engineering

H. Dastkhan1 and M.S. Owlia 2

9) Industrial Engineering


10) History of Engineering and Development of Industrial Engineering (Presentation)

Department of Industrial Engineering Çankaya University

11) Introduction to Industrial Engineeing (Presentation)

Dewi Hardiningtyas

12) Industrial Engineering Standards in Europe (Article)

Ole Rokkjaer, Bente Norgaard, Páll Jensson

13) The roots of industrial engineering – The Gilbreths: Cheaper by the dozen (Article)

Prof Paul Kruger

14) Industrial Engineering and Management Curriculum Profile (Article)

International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

15) Developing and evolution of industrial engineering and its paper in education (Article)

Jaime H. Mendoza

16) Industrial And Manufacturing Engineering

Berman Cilingir Kayis

17) Introduction to Industrial Engineering (Presentation)

University of Washington

18) Industrial Engineering Management

Erich Markl

Here ends our selection of free Industrial Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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