15+ Civil Engineering Books for Free! [PDF]

With the sole purpose of continuing to share free books that cover topics of interest, we have compiled a list of texts on Civil Engineering.

This is an engineering of great importance that thanks to its nature, we can appreciate it in our daily surroundings. In order for you to learn a little more about this subject, we have selected a special set of Civil Engineering books in PDF format.

Civil Engineering is the branch of engineering in charge of creating infrastructures, hydraulic undertakings, and transportation works. It is usually in charge of public works and large-scale developments.

In addition to construction activities, this engineering also includes the inspection, revision and maintenance of what has been built. In this way, it collaborates with the protection of the environment, and with the prevention of accidents related to engineering works.

Civil Engineering has evolved along with technology in many aspects. Nowadays and thanks to the support of technological elements, new methods are used to choose the materials and to determine the type of beams that will be used in the work, among many other aspects. Structural analysis of civil constructions can also be performed with advanced software programs.

On this occasion we have gathered more than 15 books on Civil Engineering in PDF format, so that you can consult all the fundamental and outstanding aspects of this engineering. We have also included books in Spanish and Portuguese in case you are interested in reading in another language.

On the other hand, we point out that each one of the books that we present to you is in the public domain or has been granted for free distribution.

Here we present our complete selection of Civil Engineering books:

Shaping the Future of Construction A Breakthrough in Mindset and Technology

Various authors

The vision for Civil Engineering in 2025

Various authors

Building Construction Manual

Phillip Pire and Benoit Legrand

Health and Safety in Construction

Health and Safety Executive

Residential Structural Design Guide

Coulbourne Consulting

200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works

Vincent T. H. CHU

Construction safety requirements

The University of Michigan

Construction Manual M 41-01.37

Various authors

Modern Methods of Construction

Alex Davies

Fall Protection in Construction

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Building safely by design

Various authors

Need Building Work Done? (Article)

Health and Safety Executive

Project Engineer's Manual for Construction

Michigan Department of Transportation

Elements of Construction

Various authors

Elements of Civil Engineering

Dr. K. Prakash

Basic fluid mechanics for civil engineers (Presentation)

Maxime Nicolas

Here ends our selection of free Civil Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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