15+ Economic Engineering Books for Free! [PDF]

We offer you a valuable selection of engineering economics books in PDF format, which we know you will be able to make the most of for your studies in this branch of modern engineering. Although it is a field of relatively recent development, it is still very relevant to any nation in the world.

The first forerunner in this sector of engineering was Arthur Wellington thanks to the publication of an article that talked about the technique of capitalized cost partitioning and how it should be employed to improve the ideal lengths for the construction of railway lines. In our books on engineering economics you will discover more about its importance in the history of technologies.

Engineering economics is the branch that performs the calculation of monetary units and analyzes all the aspects that an engineer considers important and recommends to a company to be very profitable and competitive. It can also be defined as a set of mathematical methodologies that facilitate economic comparisons.

Therefore, its main mission is to make negotiations more economical. Its objective is to formulate, predict and calculate the variety of product options available, and it aims to achieve a specific purpose with them.

In this sense, engineering economics is based on the following principles, as stated by Sullivan (2004). First principle: Create the alternatives. Second principle: Focus on the differences. Third principle: The point of view must be consistent. Fourth principle: Use a common unit of measurement. Fifth principle: Take into account all relevant values. Sixth principle: Make uncertainty explicit. Seventh principle: Review decisions.

Learn much more about this important discipline and choose from more than 15 engineering economics books in PDF format that we give you access to in this section. Remember that you can download them easily and totally free on your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Economic Engineering books:

1) Foundations of Engineering Economy

CIVL 1101 Civil Engineering Measurements

2) Introduction to Engineering Economics

Nanda Shakya

3) Applied Engineering Economy

Najib Gerges

4) Foundations of Engineering Economy

Damietta University

5) Engineering Economics and Costing

Sushil Panigrahi

6) Engineering Economics and Costing

Top Engineering College in Bhubaneswar

7) Public-Sector Economic Economy

Oxford University Press

8) Six Ways to Perform Economic Evaluations of Projects

A Bhatia

9) Benefit/Cost Ratios and Other Measures

Oxford University Press

10) Cost-Benefit Analysis

Fernando Ramirez Cortes,Diana Katharina Mayrhofer

11) Economic Analysis

University Libraries

12) Economic Analysis

National Institute of Technology Srinagar

13) The Economist as Engineer: Game Theory, Experimentation, and Computation as Tools for Design Economics

Alvin E Roth

14) Basic Concepts of Engineering Economics (Presentation)

National Academic Digital Library of Ethiopia

15) Basics of Engineering Economics (Presentation)

Sam C M Hui

16) Engineering Economy (Presentation)

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

17) Engineering Economics (Presentation)

Computational Mechanics Group

18) Engineering Economy (Presentation)

Ahmed Y Manama

19) Glossary of Concepts and Terms (Article)

California State University Northridge

20) Engineering Economic Analysis Practices for Highway Investments (Article)

Michael J Markow

Here ends our selection of free Economic Engineering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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