25+ Books in Mandarin Chinese for Free! [PDF]

If you’re looking for an exciting and challenging way to learn or practice this language, books in Mandarin Chinese are an invaluable tool.

In this globalized era, where communication and cultural exchange are constantly growing, the ability to read and understand texts in different languages has become increasingly important.

In this regard, PDF books in Mandarin Chinese offer you the opportunity to expand your literary horizons and delve into captivating stories that have made a lasting impact on humanity.

These Mandarin Chinese books are not limited solely to Chinese literature; on the contrary, we provide access to a wide range of works from universal literature in this fascinating language.

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the language or already have an advanced level, you’ll find suitable options for your skill level among these 25+ free books in Mandarin Chinese.

Books in Mandarin Chinese for Beginners

Are you looking for books in Mandarin Chinese for beginners? We offer you a selection of classic universal books in this fascinating language.

These books are perfect for those who are taking their first steps in learning Mandarin Chinese. Each book is carefully selected to help you improve your language skills while enjoying timeless stories.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the language and discover new literary perspectives with our books in Mandarin Chinese for beginners.

小王子 (The Little Prince)

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

西游记 (Journey to the West)

Wu Cheng'en

佛說四十二章經 (Sutra of Forty-two Chapters)


Books in Mandarin Chinese for Intermediate Level

If you’re ready to take your language skills to the next level, we offer the following classic universal books in Mandarin Chinese.

These books are designed to challenge you and expand your language skills. With each page, you’ll discover new nuances of the language and improve your fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

Immerse yourself in universal literature and enjoy the beauty of Mandarin Chinese as you embark on an exciting literary adventure.

一九八四 (1984)

George Orwell

基督山伯爵 (The Count of Monte Cristo)

Alexandre Dumas

悲惨世界 (Les Misérables)

Victor Hugo

Books in Mandarin Chinese for Advanced Level

If you’re seeking a literary challenge in advanced-level Mandarin Chinese, our collection of classic universal books is just what you need.

These books will take you on a sophisticated literary journey and allow you to explore the richness of Mandarin Chinese at its highest form. Each page will challenge you to comprehend and appreciate the complexity of the language, strengthening your fluency and knowledge.

Immerse yourself in these literary masterpieces and discover the beauty and depth that Mandarin Chinese has to offer. Enjoy these books in Mandarin Chinese for advanced level and take your language mastery to the next level.

战争与和平 (War and Peace)

Leo Tolstoy

尤利西斯 (Ulysses)

James Joyce

安娜·卡列尼娜 (Anna Karenina)

Leo Tolstoy

Books in Mandarin Chinese for Children

Books in Mandarin Chinese for children will not only help your kids develop language skills in the language but also allow them to immerse themselves in exciting and educational stories.

These books are filled with classic universal stories that have stood the test of time and offer a unique opportunity for your children to discover the richness of universal literature while developing their Mandarin Chinese skills.

Let your children embark on a journey of learning and fun through these enchanting stories in Mandarin Chinese.

伊 索 寓 言 (Aesop's Fables)


安 徒 生 童 话 (Andersen's Fairy Tales)

Hans Christian Andersen

三只小猪 , 小红帽 (The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood)

Brothers Grimm

Novels in Mandarin Chinese

Discover the beauty and depth of novels in Mandarin Chinese with the books we bring to you. These stories will envelop you in captivating plots and memorable characters as you immerse yourself in the rich language of Mandarin Chinese.

Our collection of novels in this language will transport you to past eras and allow you to enjoy timeless stories that have captivated readers worldwide.

These classic novels in Mandarin Chinese offer you a valuable opportunity if you wish to enhance your mastery of the language.

了不起的盖茨比 (The Great Gatsby)

F. Scott Fitzgerald

三个火枪手 (The Three Musketeers)

Alexandre Dumas

傲慢与偏见 (Pride and Prejudice)

Jane Austen

红与黑" (The Red and the Black)


Classic Chinese Literature

Immerse yourself in the rich literary tradition of China with our collection of classic Chinese literature books. These books will transport you to past eras and allow you to explore the wisdom, beauty, and depth of classic Chinese literature.

From the philosophical works of Confucius and Lao Tzu to historical epics, our selection offers you a variety of classic books that have endured over time.

Through these literary masterpieces, you’ll be able to appreciate the aesthetic sensibility, philosophical depth, and rich literary tradition of China.

论语 (The Analects)


道德经 (Tao Te Ching)


红楼梦 (Dream of the Red Chamber)

Cao Xueqin

三國演義 o 三国演义 (Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

Luo Guanzhong

水滸傳 o 水浒传 (Water Margin)

Shi Nai’an

牡丹亭 (The Peony Pavilion)

Xianzu Tang

Chinese Poetry

These books will take you on a lyrical journey through the centuries, allowing you to appreciate the beauty and depth of Chinese poetry in its purest form. 

These literary masterpieces will transport you to a world of vivid imagery, subtle emotions, and philosophical reflections. Each poem is a lyrical gem that captures the essence of life, love, nature, and transcendence in the Chinese poetic tradition.

Immerse yourself in these timeless verses and let yourself be carried away by the beauty and depth of classical Chinese poetry.

唐诗三百首 (Three Hundred Tang Poems)

Tang dynasty

诗经 (Classic of Poetry)


乐府诗集 (Collection of Yuefu Lyric Poems)

Guo Maoqian

杜甫诗全集 (Poems of Du Fu)

Du Fu

Books to Learn Mandarin Chinese

If you’re looking for an effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese, we have a section that will provide you with valuable resources.

In it, you will find books specifically designed for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Visit this section and discover the excitement of mastering this language with our books for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese Exercise Books

Designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced, these exercises will provide you with a solid foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and everyday expressions in Mandarin Chinese.

With interactive activities and practical exercises, you will be able to improve your pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, and develop your conversational skills.

Explore our free collection of Mandarin Chinese exercise books and start your journey towards mastering Chinese Mandarin today!

Well, this was our collection of Books in Mandarin Chinese in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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