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You learned about the rise and fall of the USSR, read Tolstoy’s War and Peace, and even listened to some of Tchaikovsky’s operas. But how much do you really know about the Russian language? Do you want to learn to speak Russian?

With these books to learn Russian in PDF format you can not only know the language, but also learn a few facts about its interesting culture.

Russian is the most widely spoken language in Eurasia, with over 170 million native speakers, Russian is the seventh most spoken language in the world, a good reason to start learning this language.

However, due to Russia’s enormous size, native Russian speakers cover the largest geographic range of all languages in Eurasia, even surpassing China, which has seven times more speakers or even more.

It is such a complex language that the stress pattern of a word can drastically change its meaning in Russian, where the emphasis that lies on the word is important.

For example, я плачу, in which the emphasis is on the second syllable, means «I am paying», however, я плáчу, in which the emphasis is on the first syllable, means «I am crying».

But it’s also true that you’re going to hear familiar words, as about 10% of Russian words resemble English ones.

Although the six cases of the Russian language can be a challenge to memorize, about every tenth word in Russian is very close to a similar word in English. For example, проблема (pronounced «problema») means «problem» and кофе (pronounced «kofi») is «coffee».

But, cheer up! Don’t give up, even if you think learning Russian is hard work, you’re not wrong… it is, but our team has selected more than 15 Russian language learning books in PDF format for you to learn anywhere, anytime.

Russian Learning Books

Russian Fast Course

Live Lingua

Russian Grammar

Various Authors

Russian SOLT I. Module 1 Lesson 1

Various Authors

50+ Russian Phrases for Saying Hi, Bye, How are you

PDF Language Lessons

Pronunciation and Phonetics Guidelines for Russian

Steven Clancy

The Ultimate Russian Grammar Guide for Brand New Learners

PDF Language Lessons

Short Russian Phrasebook for English-Speaking Travelers (Article)

Andrei Burdenkov

How to Count in Russian in 5 Minutes (Article)

PDF Language Lessons

Alright, let’s learn the alphabet (Article)

PDF Language Lessons

Russian Language (Presentation)

Daniel Labenski

Ruslan Russian Grammar. The Dative Case (Article)

Ruslan Limited

Ruslan Russian Grammar. Adjectives in the Nominative Case (Article)

Ruslan Limited

Ruslan Russian Grammar. Verbs. Aspect Pairs (Article)

Ruslan Limited

Russian Adjectives List (Article)


Top 50 Russian Verbs for Beginners (Article)


Russian/English Dictionary

The Russian language requires, like many other languages, a lot of effort and discipline to learn it. Nowadays you can use several tools to study it, and a dictionary is one of the most recommended.

Despite all the options that technology offers you, traditional dictionaries are still valid when it comes to knowing words in another language.

Consult your Russian-English dictionary and clarify any doubts or questions you may have about a word and its meaning.

English/Russian - Russian/English Dictionary

Mobile Dictionary

Here ends our selection of free Russian Learning books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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