5+ Catalan Learning Books for Free! [PDF]

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Catalan, you’ve come to the right place.

This section of books for learning Catalan will provide you with the necessary tools to master this beautiful language effectively and entertainingly.

These books are designed to cater to different levels of knowledge, from beginners to advanced users. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

We invite you to enjoy over 15 materials, including free books and articles, to learn Catalan.

Explore our virtual library and discover a variety of resources in PDF format that will accompany you on your journey towards fluency in Catalan.

Catalan Learning Books

Catalan for beginners - Just Arrived (Presentation)

UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

First steps catalan and spanish in five minutes


Catalan compounds

Elisenda Bernal

Basic Verbs in Catalan


Numbers in Catalan


Greeting & Farewell in Catalan


Conversations in Catalan


Colors & Appearance in Catalan


Countries & Languages in Catalan


Basic Nouns in Catalan


Basic Adjectives in Catalan


Date & Time in Catalan


Vocabular Exercise


Books for Learning Catalan for Children

Books for learning Catalan for children are a fantastic tool to introduce young ones to the world of this beautiful language.

These works are specially designed to capture children’s attention and interest, using vibrant colors, charming illustrations, and interactive activities.

With a combination of fun and learning, books for learning Catalan for children are an excellent way to spark a love for languages and open the doors to a world full of linguistic and cultural possibilities.

Recognize number


Vocabulary (G-J)


Domestic animals flashcards

Kids Flashcards

Fruits flashcards

Kids Flashcards

Body Parts flashcards

Kids Flashcards

Base colors flashcards

Kids Flashcards

English-Catalan Dictionary

The English-Catalan Dictionary is a valuable tool that facilitates communication between Catalan and English speakers.

It can provide you with a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of terms and expressions.

The English-Catalan Dictionary is a valuable resource for students, translators, and individuals interested in the Catalan language, providing extensive lexical coverage and promoting open access to linguistic knowledge.

The Open Source English-Catalan Dictionary


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