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Starting the project of learning a new language can be complex as well as costly. That’s why here we provide useful tools that will suit your needs without any complications, such as our collection of books to learn Mandarin Chinese in PDF format.

On our website you will get the right bibliography for your purpose. Here you can nourish your knowledge with books to learn Mandarin Chinese in PDF format. You will have them at your disposal and you will only need your time and dedication to achieve your goal.

It is a challenge to face a Chinese character for the first time. But with the help of the books in this selection, it will no longer be an uphill task. For sure you will find it pleasurable and invigorating.

Chinese culture dates back many centuries, that’s why along the way there have been changes that have adapted to the chronological time it was experiencing. Nowadays it is exactly the same.

Since the middle of the previous century, a simplified system was adapted, which seeks exactly what its name indicates. It comes to simplify the use of ideograms, logograms or characters as we usually call them more colloquially for our interpretation and reading.

Pinyin or spelling by sound; known as Romanization, is a particularly useful tool for people who want to venture into this exciting study with tools suitable for today’s lifestyle, which demands an effort to get the results but spending the least possible amount of time, energy and cost.

On our website you will be the manager of your resources. You will be able to choose your study plan and progress, and to take it back if you consider it prudent. Everything at your discretion, in an andragogy but efficient way, according to your criteria.

By visiting us you will have at your disposal more than 20 books to learn Mandarin Chinese in PDF format and get the best results that you can project and learn at your own pace.

Mandarin Chinese Grammar Books

Mandarin is one of the most attractive languages for students. It is very interesting, as well as different and a bit complex. That is why you should devote the necessary time and effort to learn it.

As a basic and essential element of this language, you should know in depth and in detail its grammar. Knowing how sentences are constructed, the components that make them up and every detail is extremely important.

To acquire all this knowledge you can consult the Mandarin Chinese grammar books as many times as you consider necessary.

Elementary Chinese Grammar

Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Elementary Chinese Volume I

Defense Language Institute

The ultimate guidebook to learning Mandarin Chinese (Presentation)

Various authors

Chinese (Mandarin)


A Grammar of Mandarin Chinese

Hua Lin

General number and the semantics and pragmatics of indefinite bare nouns in Mandarin Chinese

Hotze Rullmann and Aili You

Chinese Language. Mandarin

Peace Corps China

An Outline of Mandarin Syntax

Eric S. Liu

Syntax and semantics in the history of Chinese

Frederik Kortlandt

Chinese NCEA Level 1: Appendix for external assessment


Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation Books

Part of the complexity of this oriental language lies in its pronunciation. In knowing and mastering the phonemes that compose it and learning to modulate them correctly.

When it comes to establishing verbal communication with other people, the diction and pronunciation of the language is of utmost importance. Therefore, you must coordinate your time to dedicate the necessary time to this part of the language.

During your learning process you can resort to Mandarin Chinese pronunciation books. They will be of great help to you.

The Pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese

Marco Cerini

Hanyu Pinyin Pronunciation Guide (Article)

Stephen M. Hou

Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation (Article)

David Chiang

Tips on Chinese (Pinyin) Pronunciation (Article)

Jen Ireland

Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Books

As a complement to your whole learning process, you can add new words every day to increase your Mandarin lexicon. This is a very effective practice while studying a language.

Moreover, knowing different words every day will make it even easier for you to practice grammar. You can also practice how to pronounce them to reinforce your verbal expression.

You can find all this by reading Mandarin vocabulary books. They are very useful texts for you. 

Na (Mosuo)-English-Chinese dictionary

Alexis Michaud

English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary

Monash University

Vocabulary Index (Chinese-English)

Various authors

Mandarin Chinese Writing System Books

The Mandarin Chinese writing system is logographic. It is composed of characters with their own meaning, which are used to construct sentences.

At first glance, the system may seem complex and somewhat extensive, but with the right help and support you will be able to master it completely.

With books dedicated to learning the Mandarin Chinese writing system, you will be able to study, learn and practice each of the symbols, until you know them thoroughly.  

Resources for Beginners. The Definitive Guide to Pinyin & Chinese Pronunciation

Written Chinese

Radical - A learning system for Chinese Mandarin characters

Liangchuan Sun

The most common Chinese characters in order of frequency

Patrick Hassel Zein

Sounds and symbols: An overview of pinyin

Julian K. Wheatley

Here ends our selection of free Books to Learn Mandarin Chinese in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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