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A journey through the history of a language and its words is highly recommended, because it allows us to increase our cultural repertoire and make better use of a particular language that interests us, in addition to our mother tongue. Therefore, we wanted to select etymology books in PDF format with which our community can study and research on this important topic.

Sometimes, the simple fact of understanding how a word is formed helps us to have a better spelling and grammar, to contextualize it better and to create higher quality texts. In this sense, our etymology books seek, in addition to a historical approach, a practical one that allows our readers to improve in this aspect.

Etymology is the branch of linguistics and philology that studies the origin, evolution and history of a word, its form and meaning (where the latter applies). Etymology scholars can carry out long and exhaustive research on the vocabulary of a language, even before the appearance of writing. This allows them to provide certainty about the origin of language as a social phenomenon.

In this discipline, the morphology and semantics of words are also relevant, provided that there have been important changes in both linguistic aspects. That is, there are words that change in form and/or meaning over time and it is interesting to see the direction they have taken in that period.

Knowing the languages from their etymology not only gives us access to know the linguistic system itself, but also to unravel important aspects of a community. Knowledge of the language allows us, therefore, to obtain important information about the people and their customs.

Access quality content with this collection of more than 15 etymology books in PDF format, which you can download right now to any of your electronic devices for free.

Here we present our complete selection of Etymology books:

Etymology and Magic

Johannes Bronkhorst

Semantic Etymology Bharatha Patrika

Dr V N Bhattathiri

Phonosymbolism or Etymology the Case of the Verb Cop

Victor H Mair

The Eastern Origin of English Words

Omer Sekerci

The vocabulary of English: history

University Duisburg Essen

Word Roots in English Learning English Words Through Form and Meaning Similarity

Wei Zheng

List of Greek and Latin roots in English

Oakton Community College



The Oxford Handbook of Lexicography

Éva Buchi

Etymological Wordnet Tracing The History of Words (Article)

Gerard de Melo

Bridging Languages through Etymology The Case of Cross Language Text Categorization (Article)

Vivi Nastase,Carlo Strapparava

An Etymological Analysis of English Words (Article)

Dr Arun K Behera

Etymology of Technical Vocabulary in English (Article)

Dr Suneetha Yedla

Common Root Words and Word Origins (Article)

Middletown Township Public Schools

Old English Vocabulary (Article)

Tinatin Margalitadze

Types of Greek Ancient Etymologies (Article)

C Le Feuvre

Some Greek and Latin Word Roots (Article)

Information Literacy University of Idaho

Are the Methods to use Historical Lexicology (Etymology) in Contemporary Medical Terminology Teaching Reasonable (Article)

Maria Bujalkova

Fundamentals of Medical Etymology (Article)

Joseph M Patwell

Here ends our selection of free Etymology Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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