25+ Italian Workbooks for Free! [PDF]

Are you learning Italian and need free material to practice? We have put together a collection of Italian workbooks in PDF format available on the Internet, publicly accessible because of their free circulation. You don’t have to waste time searching, we have done it for you.

We know that exercising a language is essential to fully master it. That is why we have made the effort to compile Italian workbooks to meet the needs of our community of readers, students and researchers.

Italian is a melodious Romance language that, like Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian, comes directly from Latin. It is on the list of official languages of the European Union, being also official in Italy (where it is originally spoken), as well as in Switzerland, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, San Marino and Vatican City.

There are an estimated 125 million speakers of Italian worldwide, establishing it as a moderately influential language. Italians emigrated to other parts of the world at different times in history, especially in World War II.

For many of these countries, where Italian communities have settled, it is of great interest to speak this language for commercial and communicative purposes.

There are countless language schools in many countries that have Italian as one of the main languages to be taught. Italian workbooks are what you need to achieve the goal of mastering this important language and are the perfect complement to our collection of books to learn Italian.

For Spanish speakers it is much easier to learn this language, since coming from the same mother tongue, they have many similarities in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. However, Italian is considered one of the most rhythmic and melodic Romance languages, perhaps on a par with Portuguese.

Practice with our more than 25 Italian workbooks in PDF format and become an expert at communicating in the so-called “language of the arts” and delve into its rich culture, gastronomy and commerce.

Basic Italian Exercises

As part of your Italian learning process, you should try to put into practice everything you have studied in theory. That is why we have created a series of basic Italian exercises.

If you are at an early stage in your learning of the European language, you should opt for this series of exercises. 

The books contain a set of Basic Italian Exercises that will help you consolidate everything you have learned. They will also help you identify the aspects you need to improve.

60+ Italian Number Words & Phrases

PDF Language Lessons

Italian Language Kit


Study Sheet – TheItalian Alphabe

Il Tavolo Italiano

I sinonimi

Risorse didattiche

Advanced Italian Exercises

When you are at an advanced stage of your Italian studies, it is important to keep up active by means of tests or practical exercises.

This level of learning must be consolidated in order to achieve a more solid command of the language. 

In these books of advanced Italian exercises you will find a set of practical exercises that will test your knowledge of the language. Be sure to do them calmly and validate what you have learned.

Esercizi di italiano

Accademia Italiana di Linguistica

MODICA e il suo cioccolato

Learn Italian with Serena

Prepositions and Articulated Prepositions

Italy Made Easy

Direct Object Pronouns

Italy Made Easy

Italian Level A1 Exercises

In language learning or study programs, it is common that levels are handled, and that these are identified by numbers and letters, or a combination of both.

In the case of level A1, it refers to a basic level. Therefore, if you are just starting to learn Italian, you can choose to do the Italian Level A1 Exercises. 

This set of practices will be of great help to you and will allow you to advance in your studies. They can serve as a good starting point.

Giochi A1

Loescher Editore

Aspetto fisico

Learn Italian Online

La similitudine

Risorse didattiche

Italian Level A2 Exercises

Continuing with the levels of Italian, A2 is also considered a basic level. This would be the second basic level of the whole learning process. 

At this point it is very beneficial for you to be able to practice everything you have studied. The exercises will allow you to evaluate your progress, what you have assimilated and what you need to reinforce. 

Use the Italian Level A2 Exercises as a complement and guide, during the corresponding stage of your Italian studies. It is a very effective way to learn.

Italian Grammar in Practice: Exercises,Theory and Grammar: Unit 1

Susanna Nocchi

A2-Prove Ingresso in 3A

Risorse didattiche

Smart-lesson Nr 0 - Italian, level 1

Speak from day one with Elisa

Italian Level B1 Exercises

Level B1 is the next level after level A2, so you could say that you are entering the end of the basic period of Italian language learning.

To close this phase in a solid way, tests, exercises and practice are highly recommended. This will allow you to validate that you have assimilated everything corresponding to this stage effectively.

On the other hand, if necessary, these exercises will allow you to recognize those aspects you need to improve and dedicate more study time to them. Practicing constantly is very effective.

Livello B1

Loescher Editore

Comprensione scritta

ECL Vizsgarendszer

Esprimere Gratitud in Italiano

Learn Italian with Serena

Italian Level B2 Exercises

Level B2 belongs to the intermediate stage of language learning, in this case Italian. At this stage you should have acquired sufficient knowledge to communicate effectively.

And if you want to verify everything you have learned during the previous levels, doing exercises or tests is the best way to do it. 

The Italian Level B2 Exercises will help you to check your knowledge of Italian and to identify some weak points, if any.

Livello B2

Loescher Editore

Il presente indicativo

Italian Language Update School Service

Comparativo - Superlativo

Italian Language Update School Service

Italian Verbs Exercises

An important part of every language are verbs. These words that denote action are essential in grammar, in conversation and in general. That is why they are so important.

To reinforce and consolidate your knowledge of Italian verbs, you can do a series of exercises.   

Books on Italian verbs exercises are an excellent alternative to test what you have learned and put your knowledge of the European language into practice.

Italian Verb Tenses Chart

Learn Italian Online

Italian Action Verbs 4

Learn Italian Online

Italian Action Verbs 5

Learn Italian Online

Italian Exercises for Children

For the little ones there are also very effective practices that they can do, with the idea that they can consolidate what they have learned with respect to the Italian language.

Fun, entertaining and very practical, the exercises aim to consolidate in children’s minds the words, concepts and expressions of the European language. 

The books on Italian exercises for children are ideal for the youngest members of the family to complement their Italian studies. Moreover, they are a very effective alternative for them.

Che paura!




Animali della fattoria

Learn Italian Online

Well, this was our collection of Italian Workbooks books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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