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To learn any language, practice is essential. If you want to perfect what you see in your classes or complement your independent studies, you should consult our English workbooks in PDF format, available in this section.

Theory is only part of it, but when it comes to learning a foreign language it is essential that we practice as many times as possible. English workbooks are what you need to achieve the goal of mastering this important language and are the perfect complement to our collection of English learning books.

English proficiency is essential for any professional or person who wants to have more opportunities around the world. It is a way to open doors to other possibilities, broaden professional, cultural and personal horizons.

Being a universal language, English allows you to communicate in any country in the world, since everyone in their academic education has been trained in this language.

In addition, much of the important information in any area of knowledge is presented in English and in various formats. It is too great an advantage to be able to read, speak, write and listen to it without difficulty.

With this collection we present you will be able to practice all four skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing), because we have free material in audio, PDF and online. We are sure that they will be very valuable for your studies, allowing you to reach your goal of communicating effectively in English.

But, not only you will be able to practice, but also the little ones at home, as there are options of English workbooks for children. Regardless of the level of English, we have material for basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Take advantage right now to browse our selection of more than 25 English workbooks in PDF format, all in one place, for free access and immediate download to your electronic devices.

Remember that all of our books are publicly accessible, you won’t be breaking the law and you’ll save yourself a lot of time searching. Go ahead!

Basic English Exercises

English is one of the most used languages in the world, learning it opens the doors to many opportunities around the world, it is also a privilege to speak more than one language, so you can start doing the basic level English exercises we have for you.

The basic level of English is usually the simplest, but at the same time the most elementary, that is where the foundations are established to advance in the language that is why it is of utmost importance to learn it.

The basic level English exercises are the following: Numbers, colors, greetings and farewells, articles, the date, times, the present tense of the verb “to be”, the present tense of the verb “to have” and the present tense of the verb “to do”.

Present simple. Negative

English grammar PDF

Irregular Verb Exercises

Bob Wilson

Present simple. Wh-questions

English grammar PDF

A, An and The Exercise

Bob Wilson

Verb to be

English grammar PDF

Basic English Syntax with Exercises

Mark Newson



Intermediate English Exercises

The intermediate level of English is known as “English 2” or “B” level and refers to a more complex level of study than the initial level, where it is assumed that the student knows and masters the basics of the language.

The objective of this level is for the student to achieve a better understanding of the language and to be able to form more complex sentences, as well as to communicate in English with greater confidence and assurance.

Intermediate level English exercises include the complete tenses of verbs, the use of complex grammatical forms, pronunciations, written and spoken dialogues, and the use of gerunds, infinitives and much more. At this point, language reinforcement is crucial to continue progressing to the third and final level.

Can, Could, May and Might Exercise

Bob Wilson

Present continuous - affirmative

English grammar PDF

Present Continous vs. Simple Present

Universidad UTE

Present continuous - negative

English grammar PDF

Past simple and past continuous Inspiration

Macmillan Publishers Limited 2012

Advanced English Exercises

The advanced level of English or level “C” corresponds to the last phase of the studies, where the student will be able to complement their knowledge with oral practices and written studies completely in English.

It is a point where the previous preparation is fundamental, since in this level everything is more complex, but to a certain extent easier, since it is the final result and the preparation of the language. All those who reach this level and pass it manage to speak English fluently, and that is the objective.

The advanced level English exercises include the following: Adjectives and adverbs, future perfect and future continuous, conditionals, passive narrative tenses, past perfect continuous and relative clauses.

The Past Perfect or The Past Simple

Bob Wilson


Shayna Oliveira

The Present Perfect or The Past Simple Exercise

Bob Wilson

English Exercises for Children

Children tend to be like sponges that absorb everything they hear, so they are quite teachable, however, it is not an easy task to accomplish, especially if it is a new language.

Learning English will open the doors to a world of job opportunities and communication when they grow up, that’s why we have prepared for you a selection of free books that will help you in teaching.

The English exercises for children are quite didactic, from coloring templates to seeing animals and counting numbers, as well as drawing the letters and the whole alphabet, so they learn to spell and pronounce each word while having fun.


British Council


British Council



Exercises on English Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives are an important part of all languages, in each of them they fulfill certain functions, in English they are a type of word or part of speech that qualifies the noun, and denotes its characteristics, for example: The yellow ball, the car is going slow, etc.

Adverbs in English are those that are used to change, modify or add more information about the verb in a sentence; a simple example of adverbs are the following: slowly (slowly), easily (easily), etc.

Their study is essential, so we have prepared a selection of English exercises of adjectives and adverbs that will be very useful to deepen your studies and advance in the language.


All Things Grammar

Order of Adjectives


Adjectives ending ed-ing


Adjective or Adverb

All Things Grammar

Adverbs or Adjectives

Perfect English Grammar

Exercises on English Verbs

Every language is composed of verbs, it is impossible to have a language without them, each one has its specific function, and denotes the action performed by the subject. English verbs can be studied as part of the basic study of this language, and are complemented at intermediate and advanced levels.

Each verb has its own tense: past, present and future, so it is necessary for the student to learn how to use them correctly, so it is very useful to do exercises on the subject.

This section of English exercises on verbs is a section of free books, where you can find detailed and complex information about them, so that you can practice, learn their meaning and uses, both written and oral; they will surely be very useful.

Present Modal Verbs of Deduction and Probability

Bob Wilson

Modal Verbs for Deduction

Shayna Oliveira

Modal Verbs of Obligation Exercise

Bob Wilson

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