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Portuguese is a wonderful language to learn, with our selection of books to learn Portuguese in PDF format you can quickly learn this sensual language.

Portuguese is an ancient language with a rich history and a Romance language that you can appreciate in our selection of Portuguese books.

The language developed in Portugal after Roman settlers arrived with Latin in the 3rd century BC. However, even though it originated in Portugal, only a small fraction of today’s Portuguese lives, in the country where it all began.

Did you know that there are more Portuguese speakers in Brazil than in all other Portuguese-speaking countries, or that hundreds of Portuguese words are derived from Arabic? These are some of the most interesting rarities of Portuguese, the sixth most spoken language in the world.

First of all, you should know that Portuguese is easier for someone who speaks Spanish! The Portuguese language shares many similarities with Spanish, so if you are looking for a new language to learn and in a short time, Portuguese is the one for you.

Compared to other languages such as Japanese or Korean, Portuguese shares a very similar alphabet to Spanish and the grammatical structure is not as complex.

Another plus, by learning Portuguese and reading the interesting books about this language that we have in our library you will find curious facts about a very rich and interesting culture.

In terms of culture, history and gastronomy, both Portugal and Brazil have a lot to offer. Portugal has some of the best cheeses and fresh fish, so learning about Portuguese or Brazilian gastronomy will be a journey of sensations that you will appreciate more when you know the language

This beautiful language may or may not be on the top of the list of languages to learn, but I assure you that you will never regret learning to speak Portuguese.

Understanding and appreciating the Portuguese language is easy with our collection of more than 20 Portuguese learning books in PDF format that we have for you.

Portuguese Grammar Books

Portuguese is a language that uses the Latin alphabet, so it can be easy for English or Spanish speakers to learn. In fact, it has some similarities with these other languages.

Also, when learning Portuguese, as with any other language, you should dedicate a great deal of your time and effort to knowing, learning and mastering its grammar.

This is the fundamental basis that will allow you to speak, write and understand fluently this language of Indo-European origin. And to help you achieve this, we provide you with Portuguese grammar books.

Brazilian Portuguese

Neire Barim de Souza & Johnson Stephen Zappala

Portuguese Manual: Language and Culture

Patricia Razo, Elizabeth Regan and Elizabeth Saenz

Portuguese Language Kit


Portuguese Expressions of Duration and its English Counterparts

Telmo Móia

The Main Varieties of Portuguese: an overview on word order

Mary Aizawa Kato and Ana Maria Martins

Portuguese Pronouns and Other Forms of Address, from the Past into the Future

Manuela Cook

Portuguese Grammar

Rute Neves and Bruno Garcia

Tips and Tools for Learning European Portuguese

Rui Coimbra and Joel Rendall

Portuguese (Presentation)

Amanda Bento

Portuguese American Style (Presentation)

Sarah Le Blanc

Portuguese Pronunciation Books

Phonetics is another component that you should study as part of your Portuguese learning. Knowing how to pronounce and recognize what Portuguese speakers say is indispensable.

Although it is possibly one of the most complex parts of the process, you must emphasize its total mastery for your learning to be effective. 

For you to know details, tricks, tips and also to practice how to pronounce the new language you want to learn, we provide you with a set of Portuguese pronunciation books.

Applied Phonetics: Portuguese Text-to-Speech

Arlo Faria

Open and Closed Vowel Sounds

Rui Coimbra and Joel Rendall

Basic European Portuguese Pronunciation

Learn European Portuguese Online

Portuguese Verbs Books

For you to know and master a language like Portuguese, it is essential that you delve into the words that determine the actions of people, we are referring to verbs.

In this aspect, it is also important that you learn how to conjugate them according to the person who performs the action, and the tense in which the action takes place. 

All the aspects you need to learn about Portuguese verbs, you can get them through the books we provide.

The Durative Verbs of Portuguese

Telmo Móia

Portuguese Verbs and Conjugations

Learn European Portuguese Online

Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese


List of irregular verbs

Governo do Brasil

Portuguese verbs

Learn European Portuguese Online

Portuguese Verbs

Pinhok Languages

Portuguese Vocabulary Books

As a complement to all the other elements that are part of the integral learning of a language, there is vocabulary: the set of commonly used words.

Learning and expanding the vocabulary you know of the language you are studying is one of the methodologies most recommended by experts. You can make a plan that allows you to master a certain number of words per day. 

To add new words to your mental database, you can rely on Portuguese vocabulary books.

5000 European Portuguese Words (That You Already Know)

Rui Coimbra and Joel Rendall

Top 100 Portuguese Phrases to Learn

Brazilian Gringo

Here ends our selection of free Portuguese learning books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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