35+ Spanish Workbooks for Free! [PDF]

Our collection of Spanish workbooks in PDF format is designed for all those who wish to learn this important language, as well as for those who wish to perfect it. Spanish is a language that has had interesting behavior and is spoken by more than 500 million people around the world.

The selection of Spanish workbooks we have made will make it easier for students interested in learning Spanish to master its grammar, in a simple way. But, first, we will reveal some more interesting facts about this language.

It is the third most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin and English. If we include native speakers, foreigners, and those with limited proficiency, the figure exceeds 540 million Spanish speakers. For example, in the United States, Hispanics now number more than 50 million inhabitants, many of whom have taken the language to interact with English, generating phenomena such as Spanglish.

On the Internet, it is also the third most spoken language by users and the second most spoken language on large platforms such as Facebook. The dissemination of scientific and cultural information has Spanish among its main languages in this virtual world, which makes it interesting to learn for any researcher.

Do not miss this super collection of more than 35 Spanish workbooks in PDF format and download right now the ones you prefer, for free and very easily from this section of our virtual library.

Basic Level Spanish Exercises

Learning Spanish Basic Level is the perfect introduction to the language for those who wish to acquire language skills.

This level of learning focuses on acquiring skills in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and is designed to be accessible to students of all ages and abilities. 

With proper practice and the help of resources such as the basic-level Spanish exercises we bring to you, you can gradually improve your ability to communicate effectively in the Spanish language.

1) Collins Spanish Grammar & Practice

Collins Learning

2) Spanish

Wikibooks contributors

3) Spanish Basic Worksheets - Worksheet 1

Cuaderno español

4) Spanish Basic Worksheets - Worksheet 2

Cuaderno español

5) Spanish Basic Worksheets - Worksheet 3

Cuaderno español

6) Telling Time Worksheet

Cuaderno español

7) Greetings Graphic Organizer

Cuaderno español

8) Greetings - Comic Strip Directions

Cuaderno español

9) Partner Interviews

Cuaderno español

10) Practice Questions

Cuaderno español

11) Ser Flash Cards

Cuaderno español

Spanish Exercises Intermediate Level

At this level, you acquire more advanced skills in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and can communicate with more confidence in social and work situations.

You will also learn to understand and use common expressions and phrases in everyday and professional situations.

If you are learning Spanish at this level, you can put your knowledge into practice with the following intermediate-level Spanish exercises that we bring to you.

12) Listening Activity

Cuaderno español

13) Skit Project Rubric

Cuaderno español

14) Calendar Project Rubric

Cuaderno español

15) Ch. 1 Writing Prompt

Cuaderno español

16) Vocabulary Organizer - Ch.1 Vocab 1

Cuaderno español

17) Vocabulary Organizer - Ch. 1 Vocab 1

Cuaderno español

18) Vocabulary Organizer - Ch. 1 Vocab 2

Cuaderno español

19) Vocabulary Organizer - Ch. 1 Vocab 2

Cuaderno español

20) Weather Notes Sheet

Cuaderno español

21) Weather Poster Project

Cuaderno español

22) Ranslation for key stage 3 - spanish workbook ii

Chris Jardine

23) Perfecting the Past Exercises

Light speed spanish

24) Lesson activity: por and para


Spanish Exercises for Children

Learning Spanish for children is an enriching activity that can have a positive impact on the cognitive and social development of young children. Children can acquire language skills from an early age.

Learning Spanish for kids focuses on acquiring basic skills in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, allowing children to communicate with confidence in everyday situations.

If your children have started to be introduced to this wonderful language, they can use the Spanish exercises for kids as a valuable tool that will help them acquire language skills in a fun and playful way.

25) Spanish Workbook IA

You and Spanish-4-You

26) Spanish for Kids

Paul Noble

27) Preschool Spanish Curriculum Sample

Aaron Garcia

Spanish Exercises – Adjectives and Adverbs

Learning adjectives and adverbs in Spanish is essential to improve communication and understanding of the language. Adjectives and adverbs are essential parts of speech that help describe people, places, things, and actions.

Learning Spanish adjectives and adverbs focuses on acquiring skills in identifying and using these parts of speech, which will allow you to communicate more accurately and clearly.

With proper practice and the help of Spanish adjectives and adverbs exercises, you will be able to improve your ability to use them correctly in the language.

28) Adjectives worksheet

Sharp school

29) Comparing an Adjective or Adverb

Alex Bailey

30) Answer Key to Bilingual Grammar of English/Spanish Syntax

Hill, S. with M. Mayberry and E. Baranowski

Spanish Exercises – Verbs

The Spanish verb is an essential part of speech since it allows expressing actions, states, and processes in time. Its learning focuses on acquiring skills in conjugation and its proper use.

In order for you to communicate clearly and accurately, you must learn to identify and use the different verb tenses in the language.

We have located some materials in PDF format that contain Spanish verb exercises that you can use to practice and reinforce your knowledge.

31) The Verbs “to know”: Ser vs. Estar

Bucks County Community College

32) 162 Most Common Verbs

Visual Link Spanish

33) QuickStart Spanish Conjugation Guide

Visual Link Spanish

34) Regular verbs

Mrs. Price's Spanish Classes

35) Regular Spanish Verbs Worksheet

TurnKey Content

36) Spanish Verbs – Conditional Tense

Bucks County Community College

37) La rutina diaria & los verbos reflexivos

St. Barnabas HS

38) Unit Handout - Reflexive Verbs

savvy senorita in the city

39) Spanish GCSE Verb Workbook

Alderbrook School

Well, this was our collection of Spanish Workbooks in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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