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The world’s technological and industrial progress has brought consequences such as the environmental pollution that has caused so much damage to the planet. However, technology also seeks solutions that allow us to live better. This is what you will discover when you study the biotechnology books in PDF format that we have compiled for you.

Biotechnology is not a new discipline; humans have always sought living sources to create products. Food fermentation is one such example. By researching our biotechnology books in PDF format, you will be able to learn the principles of this science that is gaining more and more ground in different fields.

An accepted definition of biotechnology is the application of technologies in biological systems or living organisms and their derivatives, to obtain products such as food or medicines. The aim is to improve the quality of life in sectors such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals and the environment.

Scientific developments in the field of DNA led to genetic modification based on recombinant DNA techniques. This led to the use of genetic engineering and the birth of biotechnology as we know it today.

Some of the advantages of the application of biotechnology are: the reduction of environmental pollution due to the manufacture of biodegradable products; the growth of food and drug production; the possibility of creating foods with medicinal and nutritional properties for the organism; the generation of treatments for diseases such as cancer.

Biotechnology has applications mainly in the agricultural, medical and environmental sectors. In the first, it includes the genetic improvement of plants and the creation of genetically modified foods.

In medicine, it deals with the creation of medical treatments, the production of drugs, vaccines and insulin, as well as the manipulation of animal organs for transplants. In the environment, we can mention the improvement of polluted ecosystems, energy production and biofuels.

We hope that this selection of more than 15 biotechnology books in PDF format will be useful for your study and research. We are pleased to provide scientific information that helps our community.

Here we present our complete selection of Biotechnology books:


The National Institute of Open Schooling

Genetics and biotechnology

University of Sao Paulo

Managing innovations in biotechnology

Adam Bartoszek,Agata Bekierska,Jordi Bell Lloch

Applications Biotechnology Medicine and Healthcare

H Craighead, K Leong

Development and Application of Modern Biotechnology

Technology Center of the ASCR

Agricultural Biotechnology Background Regulation and Policy Issues

Tadlock Cowan

Agricultural Biotechnology Economic and International Implications

David Zilberman, Cherisa Yarkin, Amir Heiman

Economic Benefits and Costs of Biotechnology Innovations in Agriculture

GianCarlo Moschini

Modern Biotechnology for Agricultural Development in Colombia

Diego F Villanueva Mejia

Biotechnology (Article)

Jack Heinemann,Tsedeke Abate,Angelika Hilbeck

Introduction to Biotechnology (Article)

Patuakhali Science and Technology University

Glossary of Biotechnology Terms (Article)

Columbia International Affairs Online

Unleashing the Next Generation of Biotechnology Innovation (Article)

Biotechnology Innovation Organization

The Role of Biotechnology in Agricultural Production and Food Supply (Article)

Araceli Cano Estrada,Daniel Vélez Díaz,Carlos Alberto Morgado Hernandez

Use of Biotechnology in Agriculture Benefits and Risks (Article)

Ania Wieczorek

Agricultural Biotechnology for Developing Countries (Article)

Bioline International Official Site

Privatization and Innovation in Agricultural Biotechnology (Article)

Gregory Graff,Amir Heiman,Cherisa Yarkin

Glossary of Food and Agricultural Biotechnology Terms (Article)

Food Insight Your Nutrition and Food Safety Resource

A History of Biotechnology (Presentation)

Waseda University

Applications of Biotechnology in Medicine (Presentation)

Fazli Rabbi Awan

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