+25 Free Books to Learn French [PDF]



Learning a language is within the plans of the vast majority of people, however it is a desire that very few get to materialize for economic reasons. Language schools tend to be very expensive, as well as somewhat enslaving.

For this reason, those who have the desire and the need to learn to speak French opt for other more accessible tools, one of them are the French books in PDF format. The option that today has become the preferred alternative for many to learn the language. Additionally, we also created a collection of French exercises so that you can test and evaluate your level.

The advantages of learning French with a PDF book are many, but the one that appeals the most is the possibility to manage our own learning time. Having a PDF book on your computer or tablet allows you the ease of being able to enjoy it at any time of day.

You will be your own teacher and will be able to advance at the pace you set for yourself. Great, isn’t it? Besides, all our books are available for free, so the only investment you will have to make is your time.

French and English are among the most widely spoken languages in the world, which is why paid courses and resources are highly expensive. Many people spend a lot of money on guides, online teachers, face-to-face courses and do not achieve the desired results.

But today you have the opportunity to start learning for free and with highly qualified resources. The key is in the effort and dedication you put into each book. With effort and discipline, you will learn sooner rather than later.

Take a look at the more than 25 books on French in PDF format that our website has selected for you, make your choice, download it and start learning this beautiful language today.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of books to Learn French:

#1. French Grammar author Hermann Breymann | Source: Brittle Books Unit – University of Illinois Library
#2. French author Wikibooks | Source: Wikimedia Commons
#3. French Language Studies – Grammar Reference Resource author Alison | Source: Alison
#4. A Pronunciation Method for Intermediate-level French author Stephen Walton | Source: Portland State University Library
#5. Learn French with Paul Noble author Paul Noble | Source: Collins for Education, Revision, Dictionaries, Atlases & ELT
#6. French Adjectives author OpenUCT. University of Cape Town | Source: OpenUCT. University of Cape Town
#7. French Verb Summary author Lackhead.org | Source: Lackhead.org
#8. Introduction to French Pronunciation author Yolaine Petitclerc-Evans | Source: Welcome To Mr Fisher’s Class
#9. French Verbs author Kent Porter | Source: Kent Porter
#10. Basic Grammar Notions (Article) author French Your Way | Source: French Your Way
#11. French Verb Conjugation Chart (Article) author Cf.ltkcdn.net | Source: Cf.ltkcdn.net
#12. French Pronunciation Charts (Article) author Dudziak.com | Source: Dudziak.com
#13. French Adjective (Article) author Evan Faidley | Source: Evan Faidley


#14. 15 French Conversation Examples for Beginners (Article) author LinguaJunkie.com | Source: LinguaJunkie.com
#15. 681 Most Common French/English Verbs (Article) author Will Dudziak | Source: Dudziak.com
#16. English-French phrasebook (Article) author Global Tourism Network | Source: Global Tourism Network
#17. French Basic Course author Foreign Service Institute | Source: FSI Languages/Yojik
#18. Elementary French; the Essentials of French grammar with exercises author Fred Davis Aldrich, Irving Lysander Foster | Source: UANL
#19. Advanced French Grammar author Monique L’Huillier | Source: Cambridge University Press
#20. French Grammar & Practice author Collins for Education, Revision, Dictionaries, Atlases & ELT | Source: Collins for Education, Revision, Dictionaries, Atlases & ELT

English-French Dictionary/Glossary:

#21. English-French Dictionary author Cristian Jorge Garcia Marcos | Source: Cristian Jorge Garcia Marcos
#22. Glossary of Microfinance Terms author CGAP | Source: CGAP
#23. The 100 Most Common French Words author Learn French With French Together | Source: Learn French With French Together
#24. French Vocabulary List author OCR | Source: Rovnoběžnostěn
#25. Glossary of Cognates author NYU | Source: NYU
#26. English to French Words author University of Wisconsin Oshkosh | Source: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Here ends our selection of free books to Learn French in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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