15+ Bacteriology Books for Free! [PDF]

Different scientific knowledge is important for world society. Today more than ever some disciplines are especially relevant, that is why we have decided to create a collection of bacteriology books in PDF format, which will be very useful for many readers and researchers.

Bacteriology has played a fundamental role in the development of pharmacological solutions for countless diseases and physical pathologies. Stick around to learn more about it in our selection of bacteriology books.

Bacteriology is the scientific discipline in charge of studying everything related to bacteria, their ethology, genetics, morphology and many other aspects. It is a branch of microbiology, but only focuses on prokaryotic microorganisms.

Bacteria fall into the category of microbes and prokaryotes, and have a differentiated nucleus. Some of them are dangerous to multicellular organisms and cause diseases of various kinds. Others are not dangerous and can live inside other organisms, such as animals and humans, without causing harm. They can even be beneficial.

Other bacteria are responsible for the decomposition of organic matter, a very necessary process from an ecological point of view.

Bacteriologists can diagnose, prevent and treat diseases caused by bacteria. They work in the health sector in collaboration with other professionals. Their research is of vital importance and throughout history they have made findings that have changed the world.

Some important discoveries in bacteriology are: the improvement of antisepsis, the origin of diseases such as cholera and tuberculosis, pasteurization, antibiotics and vaccines.

Discover much more about this exciting science by consulting the more than 15 books on bacteriology in PDF format. Remember that you can download them quickly and free of charge on all your electronic devices. Access them below.

Here we present our complete selection of Bacteriology books:

1) General Bacteriology

The Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya

2) Anaerobic Bacteria

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine Charles University

3) Deep-sea Bacteria

Claude E ZoBell,Richard Y Morita

4) Introduction and Scope of Microbiology

Sree Siddaganga College of Arts, Science and Commerce

5) An introduction to General Microbiology

Western University

6) Definition, Scope and History of Microbiology

Archana Dutta

7) Fundamental Food Microbiology

Food Safety and Inspection Service USDA

8) Overview of Food Microbiology

AgriLife Food Safety

9) Introduction to Food Microbiology


10) Introduction to Bacteria (Presentation)

University of Babylon

11) Bacterial Classification and Nomenclature (Presentation)

Rakesh Sharda

12) Fundamentals of Microbiology (Presentation)

Health in Wales

13) History and Scope of Microbiology (Presentation)

Jawad Nazir

14) Introduction and History of Microbiology (Presentation)

Md Akram Hosssain

15) Chapter 6 Microbial Growth (Presentation)

Los Angeles Mission College

16) Introduction to Food Safety and Microbiology (Presentation)

First Nations Development Institute

17) Basic Dairy Bacteriology (Article)

Cornell University

18) Methods of Classification of the Genera and Species of Bacteria Using Decision Tree (Article)

Anna Plichta

19) Role of Soil Bacteria: Update and Revision (Article)

James J Hoorman

Here ends our selection of free Bacteriology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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