20+ Botany Books for Free! [PDF]

Plants are essential organisms to maintain the balance of the planet. Studying them is not just a matter of admiring their beauty, it goes far beyond that. Discover what the study of plants can mean for the well-being of humanity with our botany books in PDF format. In them you will find a whole world related to plant life and its relationship with the environment. Today its importance is indisputable, in fact, all natural science is nowadays protagonist and seeks to positively influence phenomena such as climate change that affects the whole world.

Access immediately to our collection of books on botany in this section of our virtual library. Download them for free and get to know the thriving world of botany, increasingly valuable in discoveries that benefit nature and human beings. Since plants are fundamental to life, we have no doubt that our community of readers will be interested in this discipline.

Botany is a branch of the natural sciences that deals with the comprehensive analysis of plant life. It classifies, describes and studies the distribution and relationships of plants with other living organisms on the planet. The study is carried out from the microscopic or molecular point of view, as well as macroscopic and functional.

This discipline deals specifically with species such as fungi, algae, land plants and cyanobacteria. At the same time, botany is divided into core and applied botany. The first one seeks to understand the functioning of plant life and the second one is in charge of research that has an impact on silviculture, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

Delve into the world of this interesting branch of the natural sciences with our collection of more than 20books on botany in PDF format, which will be very useful for your studies and research in this field of study.

Here we present our complete selection of Botany books:

1) Introduction to Botany

Alexey Shipunov

2) Classification of Botany and use of Plants

Instytut Zootechniki PIB

3) Common Weeds in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

Edwin G. Más & María de L. Lugo-Torres

4) Desert Plans and People

Sam Hicks

5) Plant Botany

Milena Martinková, Martin Cermák, Roman Gebauer,Zuzana Špinlerová

6) Introduction to Botany (Syllabus)

UW Staff Web Server

7) Botany (Presentation)

University of Washington

8) Techniques and Procedures for Collecting, Preserving, Processing, and Storing Botanical Specimens

Province of British Columbia

9) Botany Basics


10) General Botany

King Saud University

11) Concepts of Botany, Algae

Millersville University Herbarium

12) Introduction to Botanical Taxonomy

Alessandro Rapini

13) Introduction to Botany Module 1

Edelyn Echapare

14) Basic Biology: A Brief Introduction


15) The Basics of Botany (Article)

New York Botanical Garden

16) A Text-Book of Botany

Strasburger, Eduard; Schenck, H.; Noll, Fritz; Karsten, George; Lang, W. H.

17) Strasburger's Text-Book of Botany

Dr. Hans Fitting, Dr. Ludwig Jost, Dr. Heinrich Schenck and Dr. George Karsten

18) A laboratory notebook of elementary botany

Hindle, Edward; Fox, Harold Munro

19) Beginners botany

L. H. Bailey

20) Botany Laboratory Note Book

Dass H.C. and Sawhney C.L.

21) WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants

World Health Organization

Here ends our selection of free Botany books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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