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Discover the beauty and importance of our natural environment through a wide selection of nature books that span from ecology and conservation to the flora and fauna of different ecosystems.

Our books will transport you to remote places and allow you to uncover the secrets of nature. You will learn about the interconnection of living beings, the importance of biodiversity, and the environmental challenges we face.

From field guides to scientific studies, each book will offer you a new perspective on nature and its significance for our well-being. Dive into knowledge and enrich your understanding of the ecosystems and wildlife that surround us.

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Books and Texts on Nature in PDF

Introduction to Ecology

Core Knowledge Foundation

Introduction to Ecology by Core Knowledge Foundation is an introductory reader on ecology, focusing on topics such as living things, habitats, food chains, and environmental changes. It provides essential knowledge about the relationships between organisms and their environment.

Mathematics for Natural Sciences

Ato Arbsie Yasin, Dr. Berhanu Bekele

Mathematics for Natural Sciences by Ato Arbsie Yasin and Dr. Berhanu Bekele provides an introduction to propositional logic, set theory, the real and complex number systems, functions, and analytic geometry. It covers fundamental concepts and techniques relevant to mathematics in natural sciences.

Ecological Concepts, Principles and Applications to Conservation

Vold, T. and D.A. Buffett

Ecological Concepts, Principles and Applications to Conservation by T. Vold and D.A. Buffett provides an overview of biodiversity, ecological concepts, and their application to conservation. It explores the definition of biodiversity, its value, and the levels of organization within biodiversity.

Environmental Science. Lecture Notes

Durgasrilakshmi Hari

Environmental Science Lecture Notes by Durgasrilakshmi Hari provides an overview of environmental science, including topics such as natural resources, ecosystems, environmental pollution, and green environmental issues. It covers the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies, biodiversity conservation, pollution control measures, and the role of NGOs.

Introduction to Botany

Alexey Shipunov

Introduction to Botany by Alexey Shipunov is an introductory book on plants and botany. It covers topics such as taxonomy, photosynthesis, symbiogenesis, the plant cell, multicellularity, tissues and organs, the life cycle, and the diversity of plants.

Natural Sciences. Grade 8-A

Sasol Inzalo Foundation

Natural Sciences Grade 8-A by Sasol Inzalo Foundation is an educational resource that covers topics related to life and living as well as matter and materials in the field of natural sciences.

Basic Concepts: Nature, Ecology, Environment

University of Mumbai

Basic Concepts: Nature, Ecology, Environment by University of Mumbai provides a basic understanding of concepts related to nature, ecology, and the environment. It introduces the meaning of the environment and its relationship with society, as well as the concepts of ecology and environment.

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