20+ Microbiology Books for Free! [PDF]

There is a universe of the non-visible that has great influence on our lives. The fact that we cannot perceive it with our senses does not mean that it does not exist and that it does not affect us internally and externally. If, like us, you are interested in microscopic life, you will like our collection of microbiology books in PDF format.

Microbiology is a scientific discipline in continuous growth and has definitely had great relevance for the health area, in the food and agricultural sector. If you are already part or want to be part of the researchers in this area, then stay till the end to give you access to a complete compendium of microbiology books in PDF format.

Microbiology can be defined as the branch of biology that studies microorganisms, classifies, describes and analyzes them, especially their functioning and life. When it comes to pathogenic microorganisms, it also studies how they infect healthy organisms and how to combat them.

Microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria and parasites, are the cause of numerous diseases in animals and humans, but others have different functions and are important for maintaining overall health. Microbiology encompasses both functions.

In the pathological field, microbiology can be subdivided into four different branches: parasitology (studies parasitism and parasitosis in plants, animals and humans), bacteriology (studies bacteria and the pathologies they produce), mycology (studies fungi, their life forms and the pathologies they generate) and virology (studies the different viruses, their evolution, structure, ways of infecting and causing diseases).

If you are interested in approaching the basic principles of this interesting branch of science, we invite you to take a look right now at our more than 20 microbiology books in PDF format, available in this section for immediate download.

Here we present our complete selection of Microbiology books:

1) General Microbiology

King Saud University

Source: King Saud University

2) Microbiology Today

Rowena Jenkins

Source: Microbiology Society

3) Biology 1290B: An introduction to general microbiology

Western University

Source: Western University

4) Basic Practical Microbiology

John Grainger, Janet Hurst, Dariel Burdass

Source: Vincenzo Cuteri

5) The Evolution of Microorganisms and Microbiology (Presentation)

Bellarmine University

Source: Bellarmine University

6) Agricultural Microbiology

Subhash Reddy

Source: RVSKVV Gwalior

7) Overview of Microbiology

James D. Dick

Source: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health OCW

8) Intro to Microbiology (Presentation)

Gulfport School District

Source: Gulfport School District

9) Chapter 16 – Microbiology Basics

Vickie L. Moore

Source: USF Health

10) Microbiology

Nina Parker, Mark Schneegurt and Anh-Hue Thi Tu

Source: Universitas Syiah Kuala

11) Fundamentals of Microbiology (Presentation)

Health in Wales

Source: Health in Wales

12) Diagnostic Microbiology (Presentation)

Libuše Kolarova and Vaclava Adamkova

Source: Ústav lékařské biochemie a laboratorní diagnostiky

13) Chapter 6 - Virology (Article)

Northern Arizona University

Source: Northern Arizona University

14) General Virology I (Presentation)

Esam Ibraheem Azhar

Source: Esam Ibraheem Ahmed Azhar

15) Microbiology

International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River

Source: International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River

16) Microbiology

W. Matthew Sattley and Michael T Madigan

Source: ResearchGate

17) Medical Microbiology, Virology and Immunology


Source: Yerevan State Medical University.

18) Microbiology, Virology and Immunology Manual for foreign medical faculty students

Loban G.A., Zvyagolska I.M., PolyanskaV.P., Hancho O.V.

Source: UMCA repository

19) Manual Of Methods of Analysis of Food-Microbiological Testing

FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Source: FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

20) The era Microbiology-a golden phoenix (Article)

Stanley Maloy, Moselio Schaechter

Source: Scientific Electronic Library Online

21) A Brief History of Microbiology (Article)


Source: PacBio

22) Milk composition and microbiology

Cristiano Cortes

Source: Groupe ESA

23) Introduction to Food Safety and Microbiology (Presentation)

University of Arkansas System

Source: First Nations Development Institute

Here ends our selection of free Microbiology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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