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Books and Texts on Ethology in PDF

Animal Behaviour Semester – II

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University

Animal Behaviour Semester – II by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University is a comprehensive guide on animal behavior. It covers various topics such as innate behavior, learning, migration, communication, camouflage, social behavior, reproductive behavior, hormones, and biological rhythms.

Science and Human Behavior

B. F. Skinner

Science and Human Behavior by B. F. Skinner is a book that explores the possibility of a science of human behavior. It discusses the analysis of behavior, the individual as a whole, the behavior of people in groups, and controlling agencies.

Social learning and culture in animals

van Schaik, C P

Social learning and culture in animals by van Schaik, C.P. is a study on the importance of social learning in animals. It discusses how animals acquire information and skills through social interactions with conspecifics, highlighting the advantages and risks associated with social learning. The paper also explores different mechanisms and types of social learning, such as learning from social information and learning through social interaction.

Ethology, Learning and Animal Personality


Ethology, Learning, and Animal Personality by OSF is a comprehensive exploration of animal personality using Tinbergen's four questions model as a framework. It discusses the historical background, role of learning, and the impact of personality on survival and reproductive success.

Animal Personality and Conservation: Basics for Inspiring New Research

Cristiano Schetini de Azevedo, Robert John Young

Animal Personality and Conservation: Basics for Inspiring New Research by Cristiano Schetini de Azevedo and Robert John Young explores the importance of animal personality in conservation efforts. It discusses how studying animal personality can aid in selecting suitable individuals for translocation programs, improving the success rates of reintroduction initiatives.

Roots of Human Behavior

Viktor Reinhardt

Roots of Human Behavior by Viktor Reinhardt is a PDF that explores the motivations and expressions of human behavior, particularly in relation to other mammals. It categorizes motivations as socially positive, socially negative, and non-social.

The study of animal behaviour as a physical science

André EX Brown, Benjamin de Bivort

The study of animal behaviour as a physical science by André EX Brown and Benjamin de Bivort is a preprint that discusses the quantitative understanding of animal behavior and its importance in neuroscience, ecology, and evolution. It explores advances in imaging and computer vision that aid in capturing complete records of animal motion and presents new approaches to analyzing behavioral data sets.

Animal Behaviour

Wild Welfare

Animal Behaviour by Wild Welfare is a brief guide that provides knowledge on natural, normal, and rewarding behaviors of animals, their importance in ensuring good animal welfare, and how to encourage these behaviors through species-appropriate enrichment. It also discusses the impact of a lack of behavioral choices on animal welfare and the development of abnormal behaviors.

Personality Traits: A View From the Animal Kingdom

Alexander Weiss

Personality Traits: A View From the Animal Kingdom by Alexander Weiss provides an analysis of personality traits in animals from the perspectives of classical ethology and comparative psychology. It discusses the incorporation of trait theory into the study of animal behavior, the evolution of human personality, and the potential for trait theories to accommodate animal personality research.

An account on the history of ethology

Carlos B. Moreno, Jairo Muñoz-Delgado

An Account on the History of Ethology by Carlos B. Moreno and Jairo Muñoz-Delgado provides a historical overview of ethology as a scientific discipline, emphasizing conceptual and theoretical aspects. It traces the development and maturity of ethology, including the birth of human ethology and its contemporary tendencies.

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