15+ Evolutionary Biology Books for Free! [PDF]

We are in the era of the genome; studies on the DNA of living organisms have taken on great importance in scientific research. It is no longer enough to know all the species on the planet to understand how their genes make them what they are.

For this reason, we have thought it relevant to add to our digital library books on evolutionary biology in PDF format. This branch of biology has evolved a lot and is a means of solving problems, as well as great advances for humanity.

Studying how biodiversity has developed over time can be a fascinating adventure. For those who have taken up this area of study as a profession, our collection of evolutionary biology books is an excellent way to begin systematically investigating all the principles and laws that govern it.

Evolutionary biology is a discipline that studies the origin, mechanisms and processes that generate life on the planet. It has had an interesting evolution throughout history. Perhaps the most significant discoveries were those of Charles Darwin. However, before and after him there have been key findings to understand how biodiversity has been created in the world.

In terms of how evolutionary biology has contributed to the well-being of the planet, many ways can be revealed. For example, current genome research has made it possible to understand the workings of disease-causing pathogens and to treat them more easily.

It also provides solutions for the conservation of all species and thus contributes to the realization of true sustainable development.

If you want to know more about this interesting subject, you can now download our more than 15 books on evolutionary biology in PDF format for free and immediately. We hope to help you effectively in the success of your studies on this subject.

Here we present our complete selection of Evolutionary Biology books:

1) The Meanings of Evolution

Stephen C Meyer,Michael Newton Keas

Source: Discovery Institute

2) Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Blackwell Publishing

Source: Blackwell Publishing

3) Origin and Evolution of life and Introduction to Classification

Drishti The Vision Foundation India

Source: Drishti The Vision Foundation India

4) Evidence for Evolution

Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press

Source: Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press

5) Evidence for Evolution

Kahn Academy

Source: University Of Cincinnati

6) Glossary in Evolutionary Biology

Dieter Ebert

Source: Evolutionary Biology University of Basel

7) Law and Evolutionary Biology: Obstacles and Opportunities

Owen D Jones

Source: CORE

8) Heredity and Evolutionary Theory

Tobias Uller,Heikki Helantera

Source: ullergroup

9) Natural Selection and Biological Evolution

Environmental Science and Policy

Source: Environmental Science and Policy

10) Evolution of Plant-Animal Interactions

Julian Chela Flores,M E Montenegro,N Pugliese

Source: International Centre for Theoretical Physics

11) The Origins and Evolution of Animal Identity

Stuart A Newman

Source: University of Pittsburgh

12) Teaching Evolutionary Biology at Schools and Universities

Dr. Jörg Hacker

Source: Leopoldina

13) Systematics and Evolutionary Biology: Uneasy Bedfellows?

Jeffrey H Schwartz

Source: SciELO Scientific Electronic Library Online

14) The Use of Information Theory in Evolutionary Biology

Christoph Adami

Source: e-Print archive

15) The Evolutionary Links Between Fixed and Variable Traits

Stephen C Stearns

Source: Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

16) Enforcement is Central to the Evolution of Cooperation

J Arvid Agren, Nicholas G Davies and Kevin R Foster

Source: The Foster Lab

17) Darwins Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection (Presentation)

Waseda University

Source: Waseda University

18) Lecture 1: Biological Genetics and Evolution (Presentation)

College of Engineering Purdue University

Source: College of Engineering Purdue University

19) Evidence of Evolution Answers in Gray (Article)

Denton Independent School District

Source: Denton Independent School District

Here ends our selection of free Evolutionary Biology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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