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Books and Texts on Oceanography in PDF

Introduction to Physical Oceanography

Robert H. Stewart

Introduction to Physical Oceanography by Robert H. Stewart is an introductory book that explores the physics of the ocean and provides an overview of important concepts, including the historical setting, the physical environment of the ocean, atmospheric influences, the oceanic heat budget, temperature, salinity, and density, as well as the equations of motion in the ocean.

Introduction to Oceanography

Paul Webb

Introduction to Oceanography by Paul Webb is a comprehensive introduction to the study of the oceans. It covers topics such as the origin and structure of the Earth, plate tectonics, chemical and physical oceanography, primary production, ocean circulation, waves, tides, ocean sediments, coastal oceanography, and ice.

Oceanography 101

Miracosta College

Oceanography 101 by Miracosta College is a freely available resource from the LibreTexts project. It provides comprehensive information on various topics related to oceanography, including the world's oceans, early exploration, scientific methods, chemistry and physics concepts, geology, evolution of life, Earth's structure, plate tectonics, and more.

Lecture notes in physical oceanography

Odd Henrik Saelen, Eyvind Aas

Lecture Notes in Physical Oceanography by Odd Henrik Sælen and Eyvind Aas is a comprehensive introduction to the field of physical oceanography. It covers topics such as the extent of oceans, chemical and physical properties of seawater, influence of atmosphere on the sea, global distribution of temperature, salinity, and density, equations and models for motion in the sea, ocean circulation, waves, tides, fjords and estuaries, and ice in the sea.

Pollution in the Ocean

The National Academies Press

Pollution in the Ocean by The National Academies Press provides in-depth analysis and advice on the topic of ocean pollution. It discusses the release of undesirable substances into the environment, including pollutants originating from human activities such as industrial production, burning of fossil fuels, agriculture, and more.

Introduction to Marine Biology

Chantale Bégin, Jessica Fry, Michael Cucknell

Introduction to Marine Biology by Chantale Bégin, Jessica Fry, and Michael Cucknell is a lecture notes booklet for the course OCB 1001. It covers important concepts, taxonomy, marine ecosystems, and human impacts on the marine environment.

Marine Ecosystems

National Geographic Education

Marine Ecosystems by National Geographic Education is a comprehensive overview of various marine ecosystems, their characteristics, and the organisms that inhabit them. It explores topics such as abyssal plains, deep-water corals, whale falls, brine pools, Antarctic and Arctic ecosystems, and coral reefs.

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