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The human body functions in an amazing way. You could say it is a perfect machine, although the concept of a machine is an understatement. Those interested in this subject will also be interested in our collection of physiology books in PDF format. It has been carefully put together for health science students and researchers.

In our collection of physiology books you will find extensive content that breaks down the basic concepts, principles and fundamentals of this important discipline.

Physiology emerged thousands of years ago, in ancient Greece. Since then, it has undergone an interesting evolution. Although it was initially nourished by other sciences, such as biology, chemistry, physics and medicine, today it is considered a branch of biology, closely linked to medicine.

Physiology can be defined as the science that deals with the study of the functions of living organisms. In combination with other sciences, such as chemistry, physics and biology, and using their principles, it explains how the factors that give life to a given being are related.

Physiology is closely related to medicine, especially to anatomy. While the latter deals with how organisms are formed, physiology is in charge of analyzing their functions. It is also interested in the study of the balance of all bodily functions, better known as homeostasis.

This discipline can be classified into branches or characterized according to the functions it deals with. Thus, for example, we can speak of plant physiology, animal physiology and human physiology; but also of cardiac physiology, respiratory physiology, physiology of the human locomotor system or physiology of reproduction.

Want to know more about this essential science? Then don’t miss out on these more than 15 physiology books in PDF format and download any of them quickly, easily and completely free of charge.

Human Physiology Books

Physiology is a branch or extension of biology that studies the organs of living organisms and their functioning, hence its great importance for the advancement of science and the benefit of humanity, the kingdom plantae and the kingdom animalia, which are its objects of study.

When we talk about human physiology, we refer to the set of properties and functions of the organs and tissues of the body of living organisms, its study seeks to understand the mechanisms that act to keep alive and functioning the human body through scientific research.

It covers the detailed analysis of the physiological functions of the human being, such as nutrition, respiration and cellular nutrition, as well as eating, blood circulation and excretion.

Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Jessenius School of Medicine in Martin Komensky University in Bratislava

Digestive Physiology

Austin Community College

Human Physiology Print Version

Wikimedia Commons

Human Physiology Biology 4 Lecture Notes

Laney College

Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology (Presentation)

University Of Cincinnati

The Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear and Hearing

Peter W Alberti

Plant Physiology Books

Plant physiology, besides being a branch of physiology, is considered in botany as an alternative or specific discipline that deals with the physical knowledge of plants. It studies their functioning and explains the physical foundations of this functioning on structural bases at different levels.

Possibly you remember when you studied biology in high school, and they talked to you about plants as a living thing and their development and growth processes; in this case these fundamental physiological processes of plants are explained in depth, which are: Photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration and translocation.

Its study is of great importance, since it allows us to know everything related to the kingdom plantae, as well as to understand how it benefits mankind.

Plant Respiration Under Low Oxygen

Guillermo Toro,and Manuel Pinto

Introductory Crop Physiology

Bharsar Students

Fundamentals of Crop Physiology

Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University

Agriculture Plant Physiology and Human Population Growth Past Present and Future

Lincoln Taiz

Plant Physiology

Vince Ordog

Fruit growth and postharvest physiology

Australian Society of Plant Scientists

Plant Physiology(Article)

Heather Darby,Joe Lauer

Veterinary or Animal Physiology Books

Animals are creatures of great help and benefit to mankind, so much so that we feed on them (meat, cheese, honey, milk, etc.) and on other occasions we make them part of our family, for example: dogs, cats, birds, to name a few. However, we must recognize that we know very little about their organism and physiological composition.

In this sense, veterinary or animal physiology is in charge of studying the biological functioning of the different animal species, covering the organs and also their cellular level, where an element called “diversity” prevails, which makes its study complex and very extensive, since not all animals are the same.

It is a study of great importance to ensure their health and healthy reproduction, as well as to deal with their diseases.

Physiology of Animal Reproduction and Growth

Isaac Butswat,G E Jokthan,Njidda Ahmed Amin

Animal Physiology and Physiological Chemistry (Presentation)

Uttarakhand Open University

System physiology Animal (Article)

Ace The Race BioSmart Publications

General Ecology Animal Physiology

Dr Christine E Cooper

Glossary Animal Physiology


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