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Science, among many other things, has allowed us to see and take advantage of what our senses cannot perceive. In honor of that work, we have developed the collection of histology books in PDF format and in this section we present it to you.

You will not find a better selection of histology books in PDF format, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile all that are available and give you free access here. We know that histology is a vitally important scientific discipline to the world and you can’t wait to start your studies.

Histology can be defined as the branch of biology that studies the most important characteristics, structures and functions of organic tissues. The analysis of these tissues is microscopic. It is also known as microscopic anatomy.

It was the creation of the microscope in the 15th century that gave way to the histological studies that would later be carried out by the Italian biologist Marcello Malpighi (1628-1694). Among his most outstanding findings are: the connections of pulmonary arterial and venous capillaries, taste corpuscles, glandular function of the brain, and red blood cells.

However, it was Robert Hook (1635-1703), the modern father of histology, who from the study of plant, animal and mineral tissues discovered what we know today as cells. Undoubtedly, a discovery that would change biology and medicine forever.

With the creation of the electron microscope in the 20th century, it made it possible to reach profiles superior to those of any previous microscope. This was a major breakthrough in medicine, as many more microscopic structures were discovered. Nowadays histology has a great relevance in the study and treatment of multiple diseases.

We leave you, then, in this section more than 15 histology books in PDF format so that you can download them immediately and totally free. We are sure that they will be of great help for your research.

Human Histology Books

Marcello Malpighi is considered one of the fathers of histology, his studies around the 1600s led him to understand that the tissues of the human being had a great importance on the improvement of people, so he devoted himself to study them, giving beginning to this important science.

Human histology is the branch of anatomy focused on the analysis of the tissues of the organism, for it studies from the microscopic level of the tissues to their functions, which is an addition in our times thanks to the advances of science.

Its study is quite important because it is possible to study the characteristics of each organ, and thus know its function, in order to facilitate its treatment when there are pathologies.

Krauses Essential Human Histology for Medical Students

William J Krause

Functional Histology

I Varga, S Polak,E Mechírova

Human Histology

Medical Health & Family Welfare Department Government of Rajasthan

Histology Cytology and Embryology

Sechenov University

Integration of Histology Lectures and Practical Teaching in China (Article)

Xiaoye Lu,Xin Cheng, Ke Li

Medical School Histology Basics Connective Tissue (Presentation)

Larry Johnson

Functional histology of the retina

F Germain,C Perez Rico,J Vicente

Animal and Plant Histology Books

Histology being the study of the tissues of living beings, animals and plants cannot but be the object of research, so in our time the progress of science has allowed these beings to also benefit from this discipline.

In this sense, animal and plant histology allows us to know how the different components of the organism are organized, interrelated and function, as well as to analyze the cells, their functions and their complete distribution.

The tissues studied in plants are: parenchymal, superficial, supportive, vascular, secretory and excretory, while in animals they are: epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous. As you can see, both are great fields where histology has a great importance, to contribute in the control and prevention of diseases and pests.

Animal Tissue

Career Point

Animal Histology Core (Article)

Tufts Universit

Animal Tissues and Organization (Presentation)

Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University

Histology of a Freshwater Mussel (Presentation)

Andrew McElwain

The Organization Of The Plant Body

Dr Daniel K Gladish

Plant Physiology and Histology (Article)

Peter Kim,Matthew Park

Histology of somatic embryogenesis in rice (Article)

Rafael Vega,Nelly Vasquez,Ana M Espinoza

Ultrastructure and histology of organogenesis induced from shoot tips of maize

Walter Marin Mendez,Ethel Sanchez Chacon,Andres M GaticaArias

Plant Histology (Presentation)

Prof Dr N Munevver Pinar

Well, this was our collection of Histology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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