10+ Automation Books for Free! [PDF]

The automation of tasks and processes is nowadays indispensable for the proper functioning of industries and companies. Therefore, it seems pertinent to us to make available to you this collection of automation books in PDF format so that you can learn more about this field of study.

In fact, since ancient times mankind has been trying to automate processes. Such is the case of the creation of simple machines to reduce the heavy work performed by man to move objects or build a monument. Today, it continues to develop and you can learn how with our selection of automation books.

Automation can be defined as the set of actions or activities that can develop by themselves without direct human intervention. In the industrial sector, automation is related to tasks performed by machines, replacing people. This saves valuable resources, such as money and time, in industrial and business processes.

Automation has evolved rapidly, reaching the present day through robotics, computing and artificial intelligence. Machines tend to be more precise in their tasks, which is an advantage. Other advantages include: replacing humans in dangerous tasks, optimizing production, performing complex tasks, reducing human effort, increasing safety.

Automation, however, cannot be totally free from human supervision, because it cannot be assumed as a perfect activity, there is always a margin of error to be considered. Today there are many advances in this area and many more are expected, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, which still has a lot to contribute.

Explore our selection of more than 10 automation books in PDF format. Remember that you can download as many as you want absolutely free and fast.

Here we present our complete selection of Automation books:

Computer Fundamentals and Office Automation

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

Role of Automation in Computer Based Systems

Moinuddin Qadir

Analysis of the Automation and the Human Worker

Grigor Mishev

Unit 1 Office Automation

Bangladesh Open University

Unit 1 Introduction to Automation System

Media Library WordPress

Learning Automation Policies for Pervasive Computing Environments

Brian D Ziebart,Dan Roth,Roy H Campbell

A Study of Automated Software Testing Automation Tools and Frameworks (Article)

Mubarak Albarka Umar,Chen Zhanfang

The Concept of Automated Process Control

Ivo Oditis,Janis Bicevskis

A Study of Robotic Process Automation Use Cases Today for Tomorrows Business (Article)

Yuvaraja Devarajan

Programmable Automation Technologies

Princeton University

Automation (Presentation)

SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Automation An Essential Component of Ethical AI (Article)

Vivek Nallur,Martin Lloyd,Siani Pearson

Selection of Hardware and Software for Library Automation (Article)

Falguni Prajapat

A Hybrid Software Test Automation for Educational Portals (Article)


Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies (Article)

I Larionov,V Spivachuk

Here ends our selection of free Automation books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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