15+ Virtual and Augmented Reality Books for Free! [PDF]

If you want to know details about the technologies that are revolutionizing the world, we invite you to read our collection of virtual and augmented reality books in PDF format.

On the one hand, virtual reality offers the possibility of creating a whole digital or virtual world out of nothing, including everything the user or designer desires. 

Augmented reality adds virtual components or elements to the real environment, through images or graphics.

All these realities are made possible thanks to the technological devices developed or created for this purpose; these are the ones that make it possible for us to interact with our environment more creatively and attractively. 

These new technologies have made inroads in different sectors such as culture, marketing, tourism, events, etc., all this and more can be found in our more than 45 free books and articles on virtual and augmented reality in PDF format.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Books

Virtual reality

Steven M. LaValle

Virtual Reality - Past, Present, and Future

Enrico Gobbetti and Riccardo Scateni

Virtual Reality - History, Applications, Technology and Future

Tomasz Mazuryk and Michael Gervautz

Privacy of Virtual Reality - Our Future in the Metaverse and Beyond

Girard Kelly, Jeff Graham, Jill Bronfman and Steve Garton

Introduction to virtual reality

Gilson Giraldi, Rodrigo Silva and Jauvane C. De Oliveira

Exploring the benefits of the virtual reality technologies for assembly retrieval applications

Katia Lupinetti, Brigida Bonino, Franca Giannin and Marina Monti

The Advantages of Virtual Reality in Skill Development - Training Based on Project Comparison (2009-2018)

Sunny Thapa Magar and Hae Jung Suk

Augmented Reality: An Overview

Julie Carmigniani and Borko Furht

An Overview of Augmented Reality

Fabio Arena, Mario Collotta, Giovanni Pau and Francesco Termine

Introduction to Augmented Reality

R. Silva, J. C. Oliveira and G. A. Giraldi

Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality

Joseph Jerome and Jeremy Greenberg

Taxonomy of Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Education

Jiri Motejlek and Esat Alpay

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Construction Field

Mohamed Abdelaziz

Virtual and Augmented Reality Concepts

Mustafa AKIN and Yusuf UZUN

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and their effect on learning style in the creative design process

Tilanka Chandrasekera and So-Yeon Yoon

Virtual and augmented reality application in production engineering teaching-learning processes

Fernando Elemar Vicente dos Anjosa and others

Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology Books

Virtual and augmented reality technology is constantly evolving and offers a wide variety of devices, hardware, and software to enhance the user experience. 

Virtual and augmented reality devices, such as goggles, headsets, helmets, gloves, and full-body suits, allow the user to immerse themselves in a virtual world and add virtual elements to the real world.

These devices use sensor technology to detect the user’s movements and provide an immersive and realistic experience. Learn more with the following books and articles in PDF format.

Skin Electronics: Next-Generation Device Platform for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Jae Joon Kim, Yan Wang, Haoyang Wang and others

Immersive Interconnected Virtual and Augmented Reality - A 5G and IoT perspective

Maria Torres Vega, Christos Liaskos and others

Augmented reality and virtual reality displays - Perspectives and challenges

Tao Zhan, Kun Yin, Jianghao Xiong, Ziqian He and Shin-Tson Wu

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: Definition, Conceptual Insights, and Managerial Importance

Philipp A. Rauschnabel, Alexander Brem, Young K. Ro

Understanding Virtual Reality Technology - Advances and Applications

Moses Okechukwu Onyesolu and Felista Udoka Eze

General-purpose modular hardware and software framework for mobile outdoor augmented reality applications in engineering

Amir H. Behzadan, Brian W. Timm B. And Vineet R. Kamat

Near-Sensor Distributed DNN Processing for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Reid Pinkham, Andrew Berkovich and Zhengya Zhang

Glove for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Nikita Katusin

Virtual Reality Technology in Teaching Computer Hardware - A Prototype and Assessment from User Perspectives (Article)

Heba Fasihuddin P.

Sensor Fusion for Augmented Reality (Article)

J.D. Ho, Thomas B. Schön, F. Gustafsson and Per Slycke

Books on Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications

Virtual and augmented reality is transforming the way we interact with the world around us and offer a wide variety of applications in different industries. 

In the entertainment sector, virtual reality is being used to create immersive experiences in video games and movies, while augmented reality is enhancing the viewing experience at sporting events and concerts.

In medicine, these technologies are being used to train healthcare professionals and improve the accuracy of surgical procedures. We invite you to learn a little more about the applications of virtual and augmented reality with the following free books and articles.

Application of Virtual Reality to the Engineering Design Process

Ralph Grzybek, Greg Pelland and Maricella Ramirez

Virtual Reality and Its Application in Education

Dragan Cvetkovic

Design Architecture in Virtual Reality

Anisha Sankar

The use of virtual reality to increase efficiency and profitability in different industries and functions

Riia-Leena Wallin

Virtual Reality In Architecture

Ahmad Al-Falahi

Overview: Virtual Reality in Medicine

Pensieri Claudio & Pennacchini Maddalena

Teaching Methodology for Understanding Virtual Reality and Application Development in Engineering Major

Jihyung Kim, Kyeong-sun Kim, Jonghyeon Ka and Wooksung Kim

Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications for Environmental Science Education and Training

Yusuf Sermet and Ibrahim Demir

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Architectural Design and Education - An Immersive Multimodal Platform to Support Architectural Pedagogy

Julie Milovanovic and others

Virtual Reality in Education

Chris Christou

Creation of Virtual Reality for Education Purposes

Peter Kuna, Alena Hasková and Lubos Borza

The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Education - A Comparison Study

Mustafa Hussein and Carl Nätterdal

AR-based Modern Healthcare: A Review

Jinat Ara, Hanif Bhuiyan and others

The Application of Virtual Reality in Engineering Education

Maged Soliman, Apostolos Pesyridis and others

Virtual reality in architectural design

Chiu-Shui Chan

Entertainment applications of human-scale virtual reality systems (Article)

Akihiko Shirai, Kiichi Kobayashi, Masahiro Kawakita and others

Virtual and Augmented Reality Development Books

Virtual and augmented reality development requires the use of specific development tools and platforms, as well as knowledge of specialized programming languages and design techniques.

Development tools and platforms are designed to enable developers to create high-quality virtual and augmented reality experiences more efficiently.

For you to learn more and have examples of developments, we provide you with books and articles on virtual and augmented reality development.

Developing virtual reality applications: The design and evaluation of virtual reality development tools for novice users.

David J. Kabala

The AR/VR Technology Stack: A Central Repository of Software Development Libraries, Platforms, and Tools

Jasmine Roberts

Virtual Reality in Design Processes - a literature review of benefits, challenges, and potentials

Ingri Strand

AR/VR Development Landscape

Chandrama Prasad, Nilima Nikam, Yougansh Thakur, Basilio D’souza, and Ninad Pandey

A Review of Virtual Reality-Based Language Learning Apps

Anke Berns and Salvador Reyes-Sánchez

A Survey Study to Understand Industry Vision for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Design and Construction

Mojtaba Noghabae and others

Virtual and Augmented Reality Experience Design Books

The design of virtual and augmented reality experiences is key to offering users an immersive and engaging experience. In designing these experiences, it is important to consider user interaction with the virtual or augmented environment, as well as accessibility and usability.

Designing virtual and augmented reality experiences also involves creating realistic and detailed virtual environments and objects that allow users to interact with them naturally and fluidly.

If you are interested in learning more about virtual and augmented reality experience design, we recommend you explore the following free books and articles in PDF format.

A classification schema for designing augmented reality experiences

Shaun Bangay and Sophie McKenzie

How to design compelling Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality experience?

Simon Richir, Philippe Fuchs, Domitile Lourdeaux and others

A Review of Augmented Reality Research for Design Practice - Looking to the Future

Lorenzo Giunta, Elies Dekoninck, James Gopsill, Jamie O’Hare

User Experience Design with Augmented Reality (AR) (Article)

Stefan Stumpp, Tobias Knopf and Daniel Michelis

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