10+ Telecommunications Books for Free! [PDF]

Since ancient times, human beings have sought means to communicate at a distance. It is a need that through time has been covered in an extraordinary way. In this sense, it is relevant that we make a selection of telecommunications books in PDF format, to know them better.

If there is any technological area that has had impressive advances in recent decades, those have been telecommunications. And if we look at history we will see the magnificent step from primitive means such as smoke and fire signals, to postal mail, to evolve to the telegraph, telephone, radio, television and internet. Explore this interesting world with our telecommunications books.

Telecommunications can be defined as the science and practice of transmitting information by electromagnetic means. The forms of telecommunication can be through audio, video or text, or a mixture of all three.

Today the technologies related to telecommunications are radio, television, internet, GPS systems, among others. All these systems are composed of a transmitter, one or more receivers and, finally, routers and switches.

Telecommunications can be unidirectional (when the sender is always the one sending the message) and bidirectional (the receiver at some point is the sender, i.e. there is feedback). In terms of the technology used, they can be classified as follows:

Telephony: systems based on satellites and broadcasting towers that send the signal and the telephone equipment converts it into a voice that arrives clearly and with hardly any perceptible delay.

Radiocommunications: transmitted by AM and FM radio waves, received by radio in homes and also short radio waves such as those received by navigation devices.

Other equally relevant types, such as television, Internet and fax, are present in our daily lives.

Learn about the most relevant principles and concepts with our more than 10 telecommunications books in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Telecommunications books:

Telecommunications Basic

eGyanKosh A National Digital Repository

Telecommunication Services Engineering Definitions Architectures and Tools

Jean Pierre Hubaux,Simon Znaty

Preparing Cities for Crisis Communications

Anthony M Townsend,Mitchell L Moss

Telecommunications Glossary

The Education Coalition

Telecommunication Systems and Services

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

Fundamentals of Telecommunications (Presentation)

Ermanno Pietrosemoli,Marco Zennaro

The Telephone Network (Presentation)

Murat Torlak

History of Telecommunications and History of Telecommunications and the Internet the Internet (Presentation)

CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Lab

Role of Television as a Mass Medium

The National Institute of Open Schooling

Telecommunications in small economies

Pavlos C Symeou,Michael G Pollitt

Telecommunications Networks a Vital Part of the Critical National Infrastructure


Telecommunications regulation

Colin Blackman and Lara Srivastava

Introduction to Telecommunication

Abdul Razak Bin Idris

Here ends our selection of free Telecommunications books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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