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The storage of information has become increasingly necessary and sophisticated with technological advances. Aware of the importance of this topic, we have prepared the selection of database books in PDF format, for all those interested in information science and technology.
In our collection of database books, you will get to know their typology and learn how to master some of the most popular tools, such as the Excel database.

Nowadays, the importance of this resource for both public and private organizations is undeniable. Information is infinite these days, and being able to access it in an organized way is a great help.

A database can be defined as an accumulation of information organized in a systematic way for its later use, retrieval, transmission and analysis. It is created because of the need to preserve information over time. There are many types of databases, among which we can mention the following:

According to the preservation processes, static (they are read-only, the information can be extracted, but not modified), dynamic (they handle queries, reorganization, updates, addition and deletion of information).

According to their content: bibliographic (formed by study and reading material, ordered according to author’s data, publisher, year of publication, among others), directories (they are lists with a large amount of personalized data), specialized (they contain highly specialized and/or technical information), text (they include historical or documentary texts).

Some examples of databases are public libraries, telephone directories, medical records, commercial transaction records, among others.

Consult our varied collection of more than 15 database books in PDF format, with immediate availability and free access.

Database Books

Database Engineering

Subasish Mohapatra

A Gentle Introduction to Relational and Object Oriented Databases

Frank Stajano

Database Management Systems

Abhishek Taneja

Database Management Systems Solutions Manual Third Edition

Raghu Ramakrishnan,Johannes Gehrke,Jeff Derstadt

Database Technology

Thomas D Devine

Introduction to Database

Bengladesh Open University

Introduction to Database Systems

Todd J. Green

Database Management Systems Lecture Notes

J.B.Institute of Engineering & Technologyhttps

Introduction to DBMS Implementation

Computer Science Department University of Crete

Database Management Systems

Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engoneerind for Women

Database Terminology and Concepts

Eagle Mountain Saginaw Independent School District

Introduction to Databases (Presentation)

Yun Shen

Introduction to Databases (Presentation)

Kostis Sagonas

Introduction to Databases (Presentation)

Texas Christian University

Database in Excel

What is a database? It is a set of data (redundancy aside) belonging to an organization, which is stored in a computer in a systematic way for later use.

Currently there are many programs to perform this function, but one of the best options is to create an Excel database, which is a fairly complete and fully accessible statistical program, you only need a computer.

Excel is a program that has many advantages, since in addition to being a statistical software, it is also mathematical, which allows through entered formulas to perform calculations in these databases. It should be noted that initially anyone can use it, but as the databases require more analysis such as percentages, etc., its use becomes more complex.

Excel Database Management

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Introduction to Excel

Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Data manipulation with excel

Degroote School of business


National council of educational reserach & training

Introduction to Excel Handout

Longview Independent School District

Here ends our selection of free Database books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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