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To master up-to-date information and discover all the possibilities offered by today’s technology, we invite you to read our selection of free Internet of Things books in PDF format.

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of a network of connected devices and objects that are equipped with sensors, which allow them to receive and send data to and from other things, objects and systems.

This technology connects any element to the Internet based on three pillars, which are data capture, data processing, and business transformation.

The main uses of the Internet of Things are in the domestic area, connected vehicles, collaborative robotics, industrial plants, wearables, and efficient energy management.

If you want to obtain details about this technology, all the possibilities and facilities it offers, you can consult our more than 50 materials including books and free articles on the Internet of Things in PDF format.

Internet of Things Books

Internet of things and its applications

M.Anantha Guptha

Internet of Things (IoT) - Societal Challenges & Scientific Research Fields for IoT


Introduction to the Internet of Things


The internet of things


Introduction to internet of things

Monisha Macharla Vasu

Inside the Internet of Things (IoT)

Jonathan Holdowsky, Monika Mahto, Michael E. Raynor and Mark Cotteleer

Internet of Things - A survey about thoughts and knowledge

Eric Nilsson and David Andersson

Internet of things

Jordi Salazar and Santiago Silvestre

What is the Internet of Things - An Economic Perspective

Elgar Fleisch

Internet of Things (IoT)

Radouan Ait Mouha

Internet of Things is a revolutionary approach for future technology enhancement - a review

Sachin Kumar, Prayag Tiwari and Mikhail Zymbler

Brief History of the Internet

Barry M. Leiner, Vinton G. Cerf, David D. Clark, Robert E. Kahn and others

Future and challenges of internet of things

Falguni Jindal, Rishabh Jamar and Prathamesh Churi

An Overview of IoT and Healthcare

Gonçalo J. F. Carnaz and Vitor Nogueira

A Brief History of the IoT


IoT - Trends, Challenges and Future Scope

Daiwat A. Vyas, Dvijesh Bhatt and Dhaval Jha

Introduction to the Internet of Things

Thorsten Kramp, Rob van Kranenburg, and Sebastian Lange

Internet of Things-IOT: Definition, Characteristics, Architecture, Enabling Technologies, Application & Future Challenges

Keyur K Patel and Sunil M Patel

Books on IoT Technologies

IoT involves connecting devices to the Internet and enabling them to communicate with each other, which creates a network of smart objects that can collect and share data in real-time.

One of the main technologies used in the IoT is the sensor. Sensors are devices that can detect changes in the environment, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Other important technologies in the IoT are connectivity and the cloud. Learn a little more about these technologies with the following free books and articles.

A Systematic Review of IoT Communication Strategies for an Efficient Smart Environment

Alireza Souri, Aseel Hussien, Mahdi Hoseyninezhad and Monire Norouz

An Overview of Network Communication Technologies for IoT

Burkhard Stiller, Eryk Schiller and Corinna Schmitt

IOT platforms

IoT Analytics

Connectivity Technologies for IoT

S. Cheruvu

Sensors in IoT Systems


Using Internet of things technology to construct an integrated intelligent sensing environment for long-term care service

Lun-Ping Hung, Nan-Chen Hsieh, Li-Ju Lin and Zong-Jie Wu

Study of various internet of things platforms

Bhumi Nakhuva and Tushar Champaneria

Platforms for the Internet of Things – An Analysis of Existing Solutions


Communication Technology That Suits IoT - A Critical Review

Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Kashif Mehmood and Ahmed Baksh

The internet of things sensors technologies and their applications for complex engineering projects

Hamilton Lopes de Miranda Junior, Nelson Roberto Albuquerque de Bezerra and others

IoT Security Books

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we interact with technology and the world around us. However, the growing number of connected devices has also created new security risks that must be addressed.

IoT security is a critical issue that must be taken seriously, as personal and financial information is stored and shared through these devices.

The following free IoT security books and articles cover a variety of topics, from privacy to protecting against cyber attacks.

Security in IOT


Iot security - challenges, solutions & future prospects

Mikhail Gloukhovtsev

Introduction to IoT Security

Anca D. Jurcut, Pasika Ranaweera and Lina Xu

IoT and Cyber Security - Introduction, Attacks, and Preventive Steps

Keyurbhai Arvindbhai Jani and Nirbhay Chaubey

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Sharad Agarwal

Security and Privacy in IoT Era

Orlando Arias, Kelvin Ly, and Yier Jin

The ultimate IoT security best practices guide


Security and Internet of Things: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Perspectives

Hamed Taherdoost

IoT Security - Challenges & Best Practices

Vikas Kumar

Security in Internet of Things: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions

Sathish Alampalayam Kumar, Tyler Vealey and Harshit Srivastava

IoT System Architecture and Design Books

The architecture and design of an IoT system are critical to ensure the proper functioning of connected devices and the security of transmitted information.

In IoT system architecture, several factors must be considered, such as connectivity, interoperability, system integration, and security.

Proper architecture and design can also ensure the scalability and performance of IoT systems. For more information, we invite you to enjoy the following books and articles on IoT system architecture and design.

IoT Architecture and its Protocols


Advancing IoT Platforms Interoperability

European Platforms Initiative

Interoperability in IoT

Regel Gonzalez-Usach, Diana C. Yacchirema, Matilde Julian-Segui and Carlos Enrique Palau

Internet of Things: System Reference Architecture

Milan Milenkovic

System Architecture Design of IoT-Based Smart Cities

Bedir Tekinerdogan, Omer Köksal and Turgay Çelik

Internet of Things (IoT): Architecture and Design

Ali A. Abed

Overview on Internet of Things (IoT) Architectures, Enabling Technologies and Challenges

Kaoutar Hafdi, Abderahman Kriouile and Abdelaziz Kriouile

What is IoT architecture


Scalability in Internet of Things - Features, Techniques and Research Challenges

Anisha Gupta, Rivana Christie and Prof. R. Manjula

Architecture, Protocols, Layers and Elements of IoT

P. Ramesh, Sri Venkat Rami Reddy and P. Bhaskara Reddy

A Meta-Modeling Approach to Describe Internet of Things Architectures

Abdessamad Saidia, Mohamed Hadj Kacema, Imen Tounsia and Ahmed Hadj Kacema

Landscape of Architecture and Design Patterns for IoT Systems

Hironori Washizaki, Shinpei Ogata, Atsuo Hazeyama, Takao Okubo, Eduardo B. Fernandez and Nobukazu Yoshioka

Books on Big Data and Data Analytics in the IoT

Connected devices in the IoT generate vast amounts of data, which has led to the creation of Big Data. Data analytics in the IoT can provide valuable information that can be used to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Big Data analytics in the IoT can provide valuable information that can be used to improve decision-making and efficiency in a wide variety of industries, from healthcare to agriculture to logistics.

You can learn more with the following free books and articles on big data and data analytics in the IoT.

Big Data in IoT Systems

Fayeem Aziz, Stephan K. Chalup and James Juniper

Big data analytics for IOT

Monali Chavan

Internet of Things Big Data Artificial Intelligence


The role of big data analytics in industrial Internet of Things

Muhammad Habib ur Rehman, Ibrar Yaqoob and others

IoT Data Analytics Using Deep Learning

Xiaofeng Xie, Di Wu, Siping Liu and Renfa Li

Edge Computing and IoT Analytics for Agile Optimization in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Mohammad Peyman, Pedro J. Copado, Rafael D. Tordecilla and others

Books about Industry 4.0 and IoT

Industry 4.0 is a new era of industrial production that is based on the interconnection of networked machines and systems. IoT plays a key role in Industry 4.0 as it enables real-time data collection and analysis for decision-making.

Industry 4.0 and IoT are transforming the way industrial operations are carried out, from planning and production to logistics and customer service.

In addition, Industry 4.0 and IoT can also improve workplace safety and reduce production costs in the long run. You can learn more about Industry 4.0 and IoT with the following books in PDF format.

Internet of Things in Healthcare

Sankeerthana Neelam

Healthcare Internet of Things (H-IoT): Current Trends, Future Prospects, Applications, Challenges, and Security Issues

Mohit Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, Sahil Verma and others

A Brief Review on Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Cybersecurity

Roman Rudenko, Ivan Miguel Pires, Paula Oliveira, João Barroso and Arsénio Reis

Internet of things in the context of industry 4.0 - an overview

Georgios Lampropoulos, Kerstin Siakas and Theofylaktos Anastasiadis

The Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Industry - Chance and Challenge in Industrial Business Relationships

Mike Sven Pingel

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