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To talk about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is to talk about innovative solutions that facilitate the storage, processing, and exchange of information. In our section of books about ICT in PDF format, you will find everything you need to know about these tools.

ICTs are the solutions we use every day to manage and distribute information through technological devices, such as smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, etc. As the world evolves, the use of these tools grows. 

Beyond facilitating access to information, ICTs make the process of information exchange immediate. WhatsApp messages, videoconferences, blogs, etc., are just some of the technologies that have driven globalization to levels that were unthinkable in the past.

Thanks to the development of telecommunications networks, industries such as healthcare and the business sector have undergone remarkable development over the last 30 years.

If you would like to learn more about how these changes have occurred and the possibilities that ICTs offer today’s globalized society, take a look at our extensive collection of more than 10 books on ICTs in PDF format.

Books about ICT

Introduction to information & communications technology


Introduction to information and communication technologies - Module 1

Lourdes T. David

Introduction To Ict

FDRE Ministry of Education

Introduction to communication technology communication technology


Introduction to ICT


History education and information communication technologies (ICT)


The ict revolution in historical perspective

Alessandro Nuvolar

Characteristic of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Innovation and Its Application

Muhammad Fazil

Ict Application In Technical And Vocational Education And Training

Chris Chinien

ICTS in history education in countries of south eastern europe


A Brief History of Public Education, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT in Public Education in Nepal

Hitesh Karki

Information and Communication Technology

Megha Gokhe

Understanding Technology Literacy: The Characteristics of ICT Literacy Vocational Teachers (Article)

Saripudin S, S. Sumarto, E.A Juanda, Ade Ghafar, Abdullah and Ana A

Features of the Information and Communication Technology Application by the Subjects of Special Education (Article)

Svetlana Vladimirovna Arhipova and Olesya Sergeevna Sergeeva

ICT in Education: A Critical Literature Review and Its Implications

Jo Shan Fu

The Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Delivering Higher Education - A Case of Bangladesh (Article)

Shah Md. Safiul Hoque

Role of Information and Communication Technology in Education (Article)

Sameena Basu and Raihana Malik

Books and articles on computer networks

Computer networks are interconnected systems that allow communication and exchange of information between different electronic devices.  Today we invite you to our books and articles on computer networks in PDF.

These networks are essential in the digital age as they facilitate the transfer of data and resources such as files, printers and internet connections.

Explore our complete collection of computer networks books and articles where you can learn more about this topic and get more information. 

Books and articles on databases

Databases are an organized information storage system that allows you to manage and access large volumes of data efficiently. 

Databases are essential in the digital age as they are used by companies, institutions and individuals to store and process data securely and reliably. Find more information today with our database books and articles.

The importance of databases lies in their ability to store structured information in a coherent and consistent manner. With our books and articles on databases, you will get more information.

Operating systems books and articles

Exploring and understanding operating system fundamentals is essential to optimizing the performance of our devices and making the most of their capabilities. To do this, take advantage of our collection of operating systems books and articles.

An operating system is a fundamental piece of software that acts as an intermediary between users and a computer’s hardware. It is a set of programs and services that manage the hardware and software resources of a machine.

We invite you to visit our complete section to be able to take advantage of the information contained free of charge with our operating systems books and articles.

Computer security books and articles

Discover our collection of computer security books and articles in PDF. Dive into the fascinating world of digital protection and learn how to protect your personal and professional data from cyber threats. 

Computer security refers to the protection of computer systems and the data they contain from threats and security risks. It involves implementing measures and techniques to prevent, detect and respond to potential cyberattacks.

In our books, we explore the fundamentals of this field, from the basics of cybersecurity to advanced data protection techniques. We invite you to our collection of computer security books and articles.

Artificial intelligence books and articles 

Discover the fascinating world of artificial intelligence! We invite you to explore our artificial intelligence books and articles in PDF. Dive into the pages of knowledge and awaken your curiosity about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence also has a close relationship with information and communication technologies (ICT). Our books will show you how ICT is key to the development and implementation of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the future. Therefore, we invite you to browse and read our collection of books and articles on artificial intelligence.

Here ends our selection of free books about ICT in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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