15+ PowerPoint Books for Free! [PDF]

The use of office automation tools or programs has been a necessity for millions of people around the world for decades. To contribute to learning, we have selected PowerPoint books in PDF format, which will help you master one of Microsoft’s most widely used programs.

Different types of professionals and students all over the world resort to presentations to exhibit their knowledge, findings and ideas. Doing so effectively is important to successfully communicate the messages you want to convey. Now you can do it with these PowerPoint books in PDF format that we present in this section.

PowerPoint is a presentation software released by Microsoft in 1987 in its first version 1.0. The latest one was introduced to the market in 2019. There have been a total of 15 versions, each with specific changes that have evolved this tool and, therefore, allowed it to remain competitive in the market.

With PowerPoint you can perform different tasks or actions, such as designing, inserting, animating, presenting slides, among others. It has three basic functions: text editor, method to manipulate and insert images and graphics; and a continuity system to present the content.

Using PowerPoint effectively not only implies mastering the functions it has, but also the creativity of the person who manipulates this tool. This is what will make the presentations eye-catching and achieve the purpose of conveying the right message.

Together with Word and Excel, it forms the Microsoft Office package. It is widely used in the business and academic environment, positioning itself as the number 1, since it saw the light.

We invite you to explore this compendium of more than 15 PowerPoint books in PDF format, which we offer to you totally free so that you can learn how to manage this important software.

Here we present our complete selection of PowerPoint books:

A Brief Look at PowerPoint

Cleveland State University

Working With Microsoft PowerPoint

Eastern Institute of Technology

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial

Personal Web Page

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Fundamentals Workshop

University of Pittsburgh

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step Guide

Andie Philo,Mike Angstadt

PowerPoint 2016 Basics for Windows

University of South Florida

PowerPoint 2016 Basics Creating a Slide Show Presentation

TOC Dog Breeds

PowerPoint Basics

UMass Amherst

Animate Add Sound and Media to Microsoft PowerPoint

Kaylene Williamson

Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint

Louisville Free Public Library

Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals 2013

St Georges University of London

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Tutorial

Doc Developpement Durable

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Mohamed elfadly

Accessible Documents

Technical University Dresden

Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint (Article)

Burke County Public Library System

Powerpoint Tips and Tricks (Article)

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations (Article)

University of Washington Human Resources

How to Use PowerPoint Course Reference Guide (Presentation)

Lions Clubs International

Steps to Reduce the Size of Files Presentations Created in MS PowerPoint Windows (Article)

Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning

PowerPoint How to Add Navigation Buttons (Article)

PowerPoint and UDL

Here ends our selection of free PowerPoint books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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